Why Zendaya’s MJ May Not Return For Spider-Man 4? 

Zendaya’s MJ will not return in the upcoming Marvel venture, Spider-Man 4. Read the complete article to know why.

Spider Man-No Way Home has been the biggest adventure with the marvelous journey of Trio Peter Parker, Zendaya’s MJ, and Jacob Batalon’s Ned Leeds. 

However, with the last Spiderman movie wrapping up, one question has hit everyone’s mind, “Will Zendaya’s MJ and Ned return for the SpiderMan 4?” 

If Zendaya’s MJ didn’t return for Spider-Man 4, the emotional climax of the previous series wouldn’t be satisfied. So, will she return? Here is all we know so far. 

Will Zendaya’s MJ return to Spiderman 4? 

Spider-Man 4
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No one denied that the trio cameos and the entry of villains have lifted the heroic moment of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and justified the origin of the story. 

However, in Spiderman: No Way Home climax, Peter Parker simply asks Doctor Strange to erase his existence from everyone’s mind, including his best friend Ned and MJ, to repair the hole in the Multiverse.

The spell has left more questions instead of answers in the logistic term. The relinquishing of such a character leaves them without any memories of the relationship and his friend. This is likely to be out of the life of Spider-Man 4. 

Final Screenplay of Spider-Man 4 Will Be With MJ’s Memory 

Spider-Man 4
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The final screenplay of Spider-Man 4 may provide a deadline with additional information on Peter and MJ’s memories. The information may play a significant part in the story of MJs in Spider-Man 4. 

Moreover, the final scenes of this movie might be focused on Peter’s decision not to remind the world about their relationship with MJ. 

The decision was made after a plaster spying on MJ’s head. The entire drama set up a whole new chapter for Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4. The story ends with rebuilding the new life in New York City as a neighborhood of the previous movie Spider-Man With a Homemade Suit. 

This brings the story extremely close to the Homecoming trio and opens up new storyline opportunities for Spider-Man 4

Even though Peter Parker promised to find them again and tell the truth to them, he still seems to be a web-slinger who is comfortable starting from scratch. As for now, Peter Parker didn’t ditch his friends. 

Spider-Man 4 Slate with New Characters 

Spider-Man 4
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Marvel Studio also revealed that Spider-Man 4 comes with new characters that may become comic characters with no attachment to any of the characters of previous movies. 

Peter will form a new relationship bond with characters such as Black Cr, Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn, and many more. 

So, fans are you excited about Spider-Man 4? 

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