Zendaya Pregnant With Tom Holland’s Baby? Is It The Truth Or Just A New Gossip?

Zendaya pregnant, and that too with Tom Holland’s baby? Before we get super excited and wish the lovey-dovey couple the same, why don’t we read further to find out whether it’s the truth or just a new gossip on the internet?

Zendaya is always in the hot news for obvious reasons. We love the Spiderman actress so very much. She recently shared a post celebrating the Spider-Man: No way Home star on his birthday. (Isn’t she so cute)

Also, the celebrity couple is loved by their fans so much that they don’t skip up any updates about them. Ah, but it’s difficult to believe they’re fake or real, though. They have recently taken home top honors at the MTV Movie and TV awards, too. 

All praised the couple. They won big with their outstanding performance in the respective roles in Euphoria and Spiderman. Also, No way home won the best show and movie awards, too.

Hollywood Actress Zendaya speaks up on her pregnancy rumors 

Zendaya Pregnant
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Zendaya is pretty sure and denied this hot new gossip on the internet. (OMG, please don’t say you guys didn’t check Twitter!) As it’s flooded with such rumors, the fan’s comments and their curiosity to know whether it’s the truth or not are just at their peak.

The actress denies the pregnancy rumors on the internet that she’s expecting a child with her boyfriend, Tom Holland. 

According to the sources, the 25 years old actress took to her Instagram handle to end the speculation. 

Zendaya and Holland first fielded romance rumors in 2017. The two love birds were so much in love that they took their relationship public in 2021 when they were photographed sharing a kiss, as per Fox News. 

(We so adore these cuties, huh)

She says, “This is why I stay off Twitter!”

Zendaya Pregnant
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Zendaya also said that this rumor is just getting too much attention, and it’s just making stuff up for no reason. Wait? But how does it start? 

It started after a fake social media video went viral. The trend has been to put out a fake video and then have Kris Jenner pop up at the end, signaling the beginning of the video was unreal; the outlet reported this, too. While the crazy fans shouldn’t expect a baby from Zendaya, the Euphoria star is still in the relationship with Holland.

So dearest fans, are you listening?

Zendaya Pregnant
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Please take note that these Twitter and social media gossip and rumors saying Zendaya Pregnant is incorrect. 


Meanwhile, thank you, Zendaya, for clearing the air about such crazy rumors. Comment in the below section about what do you think, people? Is Zendaya pregnant? Ah, but also don’t forget to follow us for the latest and hot Hollywood news! 

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