Yellowstone Season 5 Villain: This Major Character Is Returning!! 

Readers, Knock Knock, Yellowstone Season 5 villain is right here—Any guesses who it is? 

Please take a deep breath, pause and exhale because here we have some more crazy news for the Yellowstone Universe. 

It looks like the team knows the right way how to build up the excitement till November. The more spoilers we get, and we feel now we know—and here comes again something in the scene!

With so much of the Yellowstone universe yet to be explored via future seasons and spin-offs encompassing various eras, the fanbase is just excited to see where the Dutton family members’ drama is going next. 

The Dutton family always seems to be in trouble but with the Yellowstone Season 5 villain coming, who could end up causing the most harm to the Dutton’s empire?

It looks like the Yellowstone Season 5 Villian will bring bad news for the Dutton family 

Yellowstone Season 5 Villain
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With some fantastic casts having a comeback, it looks like someone forgot to mention the Yellowstone Season 5 villain, too. Former season 2 villain actor Neal McDonough teases the character’s possible return. 

As everyone knows how he played the role of Malcolm Beck: a shady local businessman who was just not happy with the competition of Thomas Rainwater, and then how he decided to push things too far when Kevin Costner didn’t agree to go along with the plan. 

In the end, Dutton severely wounds Beck, but does he die in season 2?

Yellowstone Season 5 Villain
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Let’s assume he has survived the wounds and is returning as a baddie in the upcoming season 5. 

In a recent interview, McDonough affirms that Beck may not have met the fate viewers thought. He also gave a clear sign that what if the Beck character is still alive? Now that’s something crazy, huh?

Did I die? Did I? says McDonough 

Well, yes, it’s true. We haven’t seen Beck’s eyes close in that scene. There’s always a possibility. He also says his brother won’t be coming back for sure, but there’s always a possibility—This statement is seriously building up the suspense.

Yellowstone Season 5 villain’s name isn’t mentioned yet!! 

Yellowstone Season 5 Villain
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But who knows, Taylor Sheridan could be keeping Beck’s comeback a secret if there’s a plan to bring him back?

Say goodbye to peace Duttons, as McDonough is here to bring some drama in season 5. 

So while we don’t believe this can be true, but can’t deny the fact that what if it’s correct? Also, we wouldn’t be now shocked to learn that it was Caroline Warner who had been keeping him alive for the last couple of years. 

Comment below on what do you think about the Yellowstone Season 5 Villian? 

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  1. I’m so excited…I think that Wes (Duttons adopted son) is going to be the villain…that would be a pretty good plot bc he knows how to hurt bc he was an inside man.


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