Actor Kevin Costner Dropped Shocking Yellowstone Season 5 Leaks

Actor Kevin Costner, who plays John Dutton in the Paramount+’s show Yellowstone, gives us early news about the production of the new season and passed some amazing Yellowstone Season 5 leaks. So, Sassyshows is here with all the amazing updates. 

Kevin Costner Dropped Amazing Yellowstone Season 5 Leaks!! 

Yellowstone Season 5 leak

The fourth season of Yellowstone was released on November 7th of 2021 on Paramount+. Without spending more time, the production team of the show has already started working on season 5 of the show.

In a post made on May 18th of this year by the Oscar-winning actor, Kevin Costner revealed some Yellowstone Season 5 leaks. He announced that season 5 of Yellowstone is set to release on November 13th of this year.

He captioned the post by saying, “I hope y’all are ready for another wild ride.” Surely enough, fans of Yellowstone are very excited to get the news and reply with enthusiastic comments under the post. “Sooo can’t wait!” says a user in a comment on the post. 

Kevin says that he’s very happy with the script for season 5. “I feel like we’re going the right direction,” says Kevin. “It’s not so easy to catch a high point. It’s not so easy to stay there. And I think the writing is really staying at a level that’s important“, adds Costner.  “It’s holding up the way the first four seasons did. So, I was really happy about that.”

The 67-year-old actor did mention that he doesn’t know about the details of the episodes of season 5, however, he’s really happy with the scripts he’s written.

Moreover,  when asked about some Yellowstone Season 5 leaks and his character’s development, Kevin refused to go into the details. “You got to go vote, you got to go see if I make it or not,” says Kevin.

Yellowstone Season 5 leak
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Co-Stars of Kevin from Yellowstone have mentioned that the plotlines of the show have often been kept a secret for them as well until the time of the shooting. 

Actor Ryan Bingham (Ranch Hand Walker in the show) also said that he has no idea of the plot of season 5. “I am so surprised where this thing goes one minute to the next,” the singer-songwriter, 41, said in April. 

“Most times you get the script, like, the day before you go shoot a scene, and then [showrunner Taylor Sheridan] will rewrite it on the spot. … I’ve kind of given up on trying to have expectations or knowing what things are gonna be about because it can all change at the last minute,” says Ryan.

Yellowstone Season 5 leak
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Along with the filming of Yellowstone, Paramount also confirmed that season 2 of 1883, the first spinoff for Yellowstone, is also set for production. 

Although it is revealed that the second season of 1883 will not continue the storylines of the same characters of season 1. 

Titled 1883: The Bass Reeves Story is reported to be starring David Oyelowo as Reeves, who was believed to be the inspiration for the 2013 movie The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer.

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  1. My grown children insisted I watch since we always had a cabin on the Rio… I watched and have now binged and absolutely love it. Cannot wait for the return . All the actors are fantastic! The action with drama at end of each show is jaw dropping… scenery is beautiful of course!! wonderful!!!! All I can say….

  2. Watching 1 thru 4 so far and can’t believe how vicious these Cowboys and the Dutton family are. They might as well be a Cult they make there own rules and are loyal to the bone. Alot of beautiful women and from week to week usually a nail bitter I even shut my phone off not to be bothered. I love this show hope it runs 10 more years.

  3. Anxiously awaiting next season. PLEASE include Jefferson white as Jimmy. He is my family’s favorite!

  4. I love this show and Actor Kevin Costner. He is a wonderful actor and he has a lot of my respect.

  5. Absolutely love Yellowstone and 1883. DVR set, can’t wait to see what happens next. It would be great to see from where 1883 ended to what I understand 1932 will start!!!!! Nothing else to say Fantastic writing, actor’s, actresses and great job for all the animal trainer’s and set maker’s. Fantastic job to that is involved!!!!

  6. I was hooked on Yellowstone from the Start…Big Kevin Costner Fan🎉😘 When Covid got a grip on our Country…I went to Nursing @ Nights…..Luckily, have watched on
    Peacock…Can’t wait for More!!❤

  7. I love the show and hope it keeps going with great suspense. It keeps you wondering what is going to happen next.

  8. I’ve been your biggest fan since day 1, watched every season at least a dozen times, I sure hope to see Kevin, Cole, Kelly & Luke in all up coming seasons, the show wouldn’t be the same without them.❤️

  9. PLEASE start sooner it gas been such a long tome since wetgotten good down home series where almost everyone can relate to something

  10. I used to breed, train, and show Registered Quarter Horses, in Texas. The horses that are used on Yellowstone are the real deal!

    1. Kevin Costner is great in this show as in all of his others .Hes my main man in acting and singing. HE IS NUMERO UNO ……BUT ALL OF THE CAST AND CREW ARE GREAT .BUT KEVIN IS MY NUMBER ONE ….

  11. I did not start watching till the 3rd season u can bet I caught on the intire show and promoting it ever since waiting patiently first the 5th season love u all

  12. This show is as good as Dallas was way back then. Actually better. I love all your characters that are in it. Couldn’t have picked better actors or actresses for the parts. Anything that Kevin Costner is in is fantastic. So many sexy guys in it. Love it. Can’t wait until November.

  13. I truly appreciate ALL the actors in this show. They all are amazing and have such different acting styles. Personally I have the most admiration for Cole Hauser….he is such a diverse actor. He has played so many different types of characters over his career. He’s amazing and in my opinion he totally makes this show. I wish him and his lovely family all the BEST!!

  14. One weekend afternoon I was just flicking through channels and started watching Yellowstone , it’s one of the best shows ever, now it is a family T.v. show . And that is a best part of YELLOWSTONE MY FAMILY WITH THEIRS

    1. One weekend afternoon I was just flicking through channels and started watching Yellowstone , it’s one of the best shows ever, now it is a family T.v. show . And that is a best part of YELLOWSTONE MY FAMILY WITH THEIRS

  15. YellowStone is the best series out. I love all the characters. They make you definitely wait for next week. It’s the highlight of my week. My favorite show in zo long. John Dutton and Rip Taylor are bad to the bone and Beth with her sassy waysvand.cussing I love Beth and Rip together. Great show cant wait til it comes back on

  16. Yellowstone is the best show that come out in a long time! Absolutely love it! It’s full of excitement and seems so real. I wish the seasons ran longer. I cant wait for season 5 to start up. Love this show!!

  17. Can’t wait loved this show it was awsome and had great actors I’m very excited Novemer Can’t come soon enough.

  18. I’ve always watched cowboy movies with me dad but he passed in 1999. So now I have to watch all of these episodes without which means that I MUST watch them twice. My dad LOVED all of Kevin Costners movies. But this is the best series since Lonesome Dove. Kevin, you guys are doing it right. Yellowstone is a great show and I’ve bought every channel that it has appeared on so that I never miss even a rerun. I hope that the show runs into season 25, if not further.

  19. Yellowstone is a great show, it has your full attention. The worst thing is waiting for the new season, you get so excited. Thank you for putting such an amazing series out there for our entertainment. And the show has the most amazing actors. They all play their part so well.

  20. I so can’t wait for season 5 to start. They keep you on the edge of your seat. I keep watching all of the seasons over and over..

  21. I love Yellowstone and I can’t wait for season 5. I also loved 1883… I really wish there would be a season 2… I love Kevin and Taylor’s writing… keep it up can’t wait for more…

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