Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 3 Spoilers – Get Ready For Something Unexpected!! 

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 3 (“Tall Drink of Water ”) opens with a riotous scene at a meeting between angry ranchers and a table full of authorities, including Montana Livestock Commissioner John Dutton, who is in his dapper bandana Josh Lucas form. 

Dutton had just returned from his property, where he compared the size of the attackers’ footprints versus the width of his hand. The distributed wolves have seriously threatened the area’s cattle herds. 

Still, the government official not only fails to acknowledge the evidence, but he also makes a severe respect-related mistake. 

Things got heated up in the new episode. But what are all the events pointing to? Here are some of the crazy Yellowstone season 5 episode 3 spoilers. 

Yellowstone season 5 episode 3 spoilers: What took place in episode three?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 3 spoilers

In the opening scene of Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 3, “Tall Drink of Water,” Numerous irate Montana residents lament the wolves encroaching on their property during a town meeting when John Dutton happens to be present.

John accepts the commissioner position on the council board, demonstrating his political acumen. He explains how the wolves were reintroduced into the wild as an endangered species thanks to ranchers’ support, but they now seem to have gotten out of control. 

The continuation of this flashback narrative indicates that it will eventually be relevant to the Yellowstone ranch in the present. Back in the present, Beth is getting ready for a trip to Salt Lake City when Rip awakens to find her. 

John, her father, is sitting on the porch as she goes outside. She mistakes when admitting to her “first threesome” in a casual conversation.

Kayce and Monica Dutton lost their baby

Yellowstone season 5 episode 3 spoilers
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When Kayce (Luke Grimes), the Montana Livestock Commissioner, began cramping, his wife Monica and son Tate tried to get to the hospital in Billings. 

A terrible vehicle accident that killed Monica and Kayce’s kid, John, brought the Yellowstone premiere’s first hour to a close. 

In the Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 3, “Tall Drink of Water,” Monica was inconsolable as she struggled to come to terms with her son’s death. 

At the Dutton Ranch, Monica had an outburst while waiting to bury him, which led to her cutting off her hair.

Long hair’s significance in Native American culture

Yellowstone season 5 episode 3 spoilers
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The beliefs around long hair are connected to nature and represent a bond with mother earth. When a loved one passes away, cutting one’s hair is regarded as a sign of extreme sadness and a physical reminder of the loss. 

The freshly cut hair is treated with respect and is frequently thrown in a river, interred, or set on fire. The shorter hair symbolizes the finalized period spent with the deceased loved one. Growing new hair represents life after a loss.

Birthday at a bunkhouse

Yellowstone season 5 episode 3 spoilers
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On another part of the ranch, the ranchers are getting ready for the day in the bunkhouse as they wish Lloyd a happy 58th birthday and make fun of the fact that he appears to be getting older. Carter, who fell off a horse last week, and Rip share a tender moment in the stables. 

Rip instructs his adopted kid to mount up, saying, “If we’re going to create a cowboy out of you, we’re going out every day.” The event Rip was fearing transpires, breaking apart the happy moment. Police looking for the missing wolves pull up and begin questioning him. 

The authorities demand that Rip ride out with them to find the wolves, even though he plays dumb. Rip follows them to the location of the wolves’ actual deaths, but it appears they have hidden their tracks and plowed the ground, erasing any traces of their presence. 

He departs, telling the two that the river they’re looking for is beyond a dangerous mountain. 

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