Yellowstone Season 4: Why Jamie Dutton Killed His Father, Garrett Randall?

Yellowstone Season 4 delivered a bunch of shocks to the doors of the viewers. One of them being the hasty decision of Jamie Dutton of choosing a new way of life, stepping outside the shadow of the Dutton family. 

As the story proceeds, we see Jamie and his biological father, Garrett Randall, keen to pursue a new way to help Jamie achieve all his dreams. However, the story suddenly dropped a lightning shock for both Jamie and the viewers revealing that Garrett was the man behind all deadly attacks on the Dutton family. 

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While things were gradually getting out of hand and the audience reached the climax of Season 4, we saw something unexpected. Out of the heat of the situation, Jamie Dutton took a huge move that changed his life as well as the story. He murdered his own father, Garrett Randall. But why? Was it a decision Jamie took out of rage or was he manipulated? Here is everything we know. 

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What Actually Happened Between Jamie & Garnett In Yellowstone Season 4?

After walking out of the shades of the Dutton family, Jamie got closer to his biological father, Garnett Randall. As the story of season 4 was leaning down to weave a journey of a son and a father when the duo purchased a ranch and wanted to build their own home, the plot took a new turn. 

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Garret Randall plans on dragging out their piece of land from the hands of the Duttons. He planned to order a hit to achieve his objective. However, when Jamie confronted his father, Garnett confessed his crimes and revealed he did everything out of his love for Jamie. 

While Garnett’s intentions were still not clear, Jamie fell for the kind and emotional words of his father. He sides with Garnett and gets, even more, attached to his father. 

So, why did Jamie kill sometime he loves the most? Was he manipulated? Here is the real reason why Jamie Dutton murdered his biological father. 

Why did Jamie Dutton Kill Garnett Randall In Yellowstone Season 4?

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As the story rolls down to the climax, Beth Dutton finds the shocking link between Jamie and Terell Riggins, the man who had his hands on the attacks on the Dutton family. When Beth confronts Jamie, he reveals the truth that his biological father was behind all this mess. 

So, Beth threatens to kill Jamie Dutton. However, she gives Jamie a couple of options to save himself. First, she offers Jamie to confess the deeds of his father and get arrested. While she gives him another option which leaves Jamie stunned. Beth asks Jamie to kill his own biological father. 

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In the end, Jamie chooses the second option and in an emotionally charged scene, we see Jamie shooting his own father, Garnett Randall. With Jamie encountering his father it appeared as if he killed him to save his own life, but things were not that simple. 

The mastermind behind the shootout was Beth. It was Beth who manipulated Jamie Dutton warning the latter that Garnett is a fake man whose intentions were just to get hands-on the Dutton’s land and he does not actually love his son, Jamie. So, when Jamie talks to his father, his final words hint at his desire to get the land may have triggered Jamie’s emotions. 

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