Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Cast – New John Dutton Jr. Revealed!! 

If you are a Yellowstone fan craving to get hands-on some exclusive details about the upcoming Yellowstone prequel 1932 cast and more, make sure to go through the complete article. 

The Yellowstone universe is rapidly expanding and the creator Taylor Sheridan is not tired of delivering hit shows. After the wrapping up of 1883 season 1, the fans were clamoring for more episodes, but the creator decided to cancel the series but definitely not the story. 

Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Cast
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Sheridan will come up with a brand new Yellowstone series, 1932 which will continue the story of 1883 with a time jump of 50 years. But considering a gap of 50 years, we may not see our favorite characters in the new series. So, who will be on the 1932 cast list? Here is everything we know so far. 

Will There Be 1883 Season 2?

Yellowstone has turned out to be the biggest creation of Taylor Sheridan and Paramount as of 2022. So, with the franchise getting so much love from the fans, the creators are keen to explore more and expand the Yellowstone universe.

Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Cast 
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So, with that being said, we already know how big Taylor Sheridan’s latest series, 1883 has turned out to be. The series has impressed the fans with its royal cast and incredible storyline. With the show focusing on the journey of the 19th century’s Dutton family from Tennessee to the wildlands of the north, it took the audience on a roller coaster ride. 

It showcased how the Dutton family ended up in Montana and what was the cost they paid for it. The show was far away from something called delightful and cheerful. Some fans even quote Yellowstone as a comedy show when it’s compared to the 1883 series.

So, coming with a slightly different plot, the series came out to be a fan favorite showcasing the Duttons, the way they are. It capitalized on the heritage and royalty of the Dutton family. When it comes to their ranch, the Dutton will never leave a pinch of their part. 

Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Cast 
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However, after watching 1883 it’s clear the ranch is the graveyard of the ancestors of the family, we understand the emotional value and the efforts instilled into the land to establish such a royal ranch. 

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Since the fans were simply obsessed with 1883, they were immediately in search of 1883 Season 2. But, unfortunately, the creator, Taylor Sheridan came up with a piece of shocking news. He decided to cancel the 1883 series. However, later it turned out that Taylor Sheridan is planning something grander. The second season is already on the cards but it comes with a new title and a new story. 

The new Yellowstone prequel series, 1932 is gearing up for a debut. Though it will carry the legacy of the Dutton family, it will come with a time jump of 50 years. Here are all details of the upcoming Yellowstone prequel 1932 cast and more. 

Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Cast 

Yellowstone Prequel 1932 Cast 

1932 will take place 50 years after the events of the 1883 series. So, we can expect that the Duttons are already settled in Montana and they are trying to establish their business. 

So, when it comes to the 1932 cast, we will surely see John Dutton Sr in the new series. The show will most likely follow the adventures of John Dutton Sr., who was only a child in 1883 (played by Audie Rick). As of now, we are not sure who will play the adult version of the character. But considering that Sheridan is the pilot of the series, he will definitely pick the best actor to play the role. 

In 1883 we saw some super popular actors such as Faith Hill. So, it’s likely that this pattern will continue in the 1932 series. Yes, Faith Hill may be included in the 1932 cast. However, in 1883, her age was in the 40s, so it will take a lot of makeup excellence to show her as an old lady in her 90s in the 1932 series. 

We also hope to see Taylor Sheridan playing a cameo role in the 1932 series as he always tries to be a small part of the shows. So, what do you think who will be the other members of the 1932 cast? Tell us in the comment box. 

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  1. I wish in the 1883 show they would have had Tom Selic he is one of the best Western actors along with Sam Eliot love both of them

  2. In 1932 I think Scott Eastwood, Clint’s son, would be great. I think a good choice for his wife, though I don’t know that she’s ever done a western, would be Anna Kendrick.

  3. I think it’s a mistake not whinding up 1883. It seemed undone and I was sad the writer xhoose to have Sam Elliott kill himself. He wasn’t that type of man. The writer could have had him just keel over.and die from a broken heart. With all the suicide rate today from what the worlds going through that’s not something you should encourage .
    Not sure I’ll watch the next part of the series. To bad..

    1. “Not that type of man”. Elliot’s character fought with himself every morning NOT to kill himself.

      1. Suicide was the demon he faced constantly since the death of his wife and daughter. He believed that our loved ones that have passed can still see life through our eyes. He promised his wife to take her to see the ocean. Once they made it, he took it all in for his “wife” to see. After completing the promise, he killed himself to be with his wife and daughter.

  4. I hope all are in it that were left but most of all i think its a damn shame that 1883 ended in 1 season it was the best show.on tv and should have had a long ryn!!!

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