Yellowstone: Kevin Costner Dropped A Shocking Update On Yellowstone Spinoffs 

While the latest Yellowstone prequel, 1883 has left the fans stunned, they are expecting more Yellowstone spinoffs in the future. So, will there be more from the bucket of Paramount+? Here is what Kevin Costner revealed. 

Yellowstone Spinoffs
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Kevin Costner Reveals If Yellowstone Spinoffs Are Coming 

All Yellowstone fans assemble, as Kevin Costner, the fan-favorite star has revealed some updates that will make you dance in joy. The Yellowstone star has ‘no doubt’ that Paramount Network will be dropping a bunch of insane Yellowstone spinoffs in the future. 

Yellowstone Spinoffs
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The first spinoff of Yellowstone, 1883 featuring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Isabel May has already won the hearts of the fans. So, on the immense success of the series, Paramount+ has already announced another spinoff, 6666, which will be starring Sylvester Stallone. 

In a recent interview, Kevin Costner revealed, “I have no doubt there will be more Yellowstone spinoffs.” He further added, “I didn’t even know about the spinoffs that were coming… I just kind of do my own thing, hit my marks, and go.”

Yellowstone Spinoffs
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The first spinoff of Yellowstone has finally concluded with a thrilling last episode on February 27, 2022. While the first season has got an immense response from the fans and they are expecting more, there may not be any more seasons. 

Though Paramount Network has renewed the show for season 2, the show writer Sheridan has confirmed that he did not intend to over-stretch the series to the second season. So, the officials may shift to the next Yellowstone spinoffs. 

What is the next Yellowstone spinoff after 1883?

When Kevin Costner was asked about the next Yellowstone spinoff, he tried to keep the updates under the wraps. But our sources are awesome. They have got some incredible news for the fans. 

Paramount+ Network has some amazing plans to keep the Dutton family on the stage. Though the first Yellowstone prequel series has concluded delivering 10 super-intense episodes, there are more to come. 

Yellowstone spinoffs

As per our sources, the creators are keen to take Dutton’s story to a new level. During the Investor’s Day event, the officials passed a sneak peek of their plans for a new Yellowstone prequel series titled 1932. 

The 1932 series will turn the page to a new chapter featuring a fresh generation of the Duttons. It will showcase the time of expansion when new Dutton faces opt for Western Expansion, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. 

When is the next Yellowstone spinoff coming out?

The creators have not yet revealed any words on the official premiere date of the 1932 series. The production of the series will kick start sometime at the end of 2022. So, in case, the production of the new show starts at the end of 2022, we can expect new episodes to drop by mid or end of 2023. 

Will There Be 1883 Season 2? 

Though on the immense success of 1883 Season 1 Paramount+ intended to order one more season, the idea was later put done. In an interview, the show’s executive producer, David Glasser revealed that the 1932 series was originally supposed to be a continuation of the 1883 story. 

What do you think, will there be 1883 season 2 or not? Tell us in the comment box. 

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  1. I hope there are more westerns made
    Especially Yellowstone .1883
    6666 .the more western the better.
    Best shows on TV

    1. I agree, we need more true westerns, the settleling of our great west and the hardships it caused on our brave and tough Americans .

      1. Not interested in other eras, why not show the struggle of survival of both families that made, you know the black one.

      1. Now that 1883 has ended sadly will Tim McGraw and Faith Hill be in the new spin-off 1932? I was a huge fan of 1883 and both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and I just would love to see them again , they both were outstanding actors in 1883.

    1. Wait! I Did I really see 6666 and Sylvester Stallone mentioned in the same sentence? I That coupling will be the death of the Yellowstone franchise.

      1. I like Sly he is an amazing actor and director. I think he will do a good job.
        But I honestly see his brother Frank doing a spin-off of Yellowstone. B

  2. I fell in love with everyone on the series 1883. I would love to see how they pull themselves together after losing Elsa.

  3. He’s crazy if he doesn’t cont with more EPs. Of 1883. The following is to great for him not to. 1883 is such a better show well it’s completely different and its just what America needed he really got lucky..

  4. I hope there is more westerns to come. I come from long line of western watchers. Me, my dad and my granddad all watched them together. Now me and my grandsons do. So please keep them coming.

  5. Yes, l’m very much for more Yellowstone and 1883….Hope for Academy Award for all the main actors 👍

  6. Sheridan has already stared he is not continuing the 1883 series. The next story will be 1932. I don’t know why these questions keep popping up???

  7. I think the purpose of 1883 was served, as it told the story of how the Dutton family went westward. Sam Elliot, and the hummingbird, who I think symbolized his wife, ended that leg of the story. In my opinion that story was told beautifully and it ended.

      1. Agree…I think the hummingbird was Elsa. Such a sad ending for them both. 🥺 He fulfilled his mission though. I guess if they do 1932 it will be about John Dutton Jr (aka Kevin Costner’s dad on Yellowstone. The 5 year old John in 1883 was his grandfather.

    1. I agree it told the story and 6666 & 1932 will do the same and it will explain their family tree and whereabouts until it gets back to Yellowstone. Keep them coming!!!! Love the scenery and characters

  8. Please for those of us who couldn’t watch 1883, please let us see the series again and continue it!!!

  9. I really think that having seasons 2 wouldn’t hurt the show’s. It can show them building a house making the place their home. And their pain for losing a daughter and sister. There was a lot of pain back then and they were so brave.

  10. I love westerners and I hope Yellowstone doesn’t stop. I love Kevin Costner. And Sam Elliot In 1883 plus faith and Tim wow!. Outstanding. Keep it going

    1. I love the original YELLOWSTONE don’t wanna watch the rest look at series that did they don’t last

  11. Please don’t put Sylvester Stallone in anymore movies. He can’t act anymore and will just ruin any prequel of Yellowstone.

    1. Sylvester Stallone he will ruin the show. He’s no cowboy, not even close. Don’t fix something that ain’t broke!!!!

    2. I agree. I’ve seen the later acting of Sly and I don’t see him working in this type of setting at all. He was good for Rocky & Rambo but “yo” & “ay”…don’t quite fill the Western bill. Sorry

  12. Hey, I got an idea, why not leave future “ spin offs” on CBS instead of being so greedy as to create another sub network so you can make even MORE money! I really wanted to watch 1883 but of Course you can’t on CBS that won’t generate the bucks you want. Keep it up folks and you’ll have no one left to watch this stuff

    1. If all episodes were on CBS, the censors would eat it alive due to language and other stuff that won’t fly on network TV. Much of the realism and the grit of the show would suffer.

    2. I love western’s but wasn’t a fan of 1883. The show just wasn’t believable? I am surprised folks expect more well it’s over. Sheridan

  13. As much as we loved 1883 they kinda shoot themselves in the foot when they killed off Elsa. As good as the rest of the cast was, she was absolutely mesmerizing. I would love more of 1883 but can’t imagine it w/o Elsa. 6666 w/ Sylvester Stallone……naw he’s no cowboy. Maybe a corrupt business man but no cowboy. I’ll hold out on 1937 till I see it. Cannot get over the greatness of 1883.

    1. Tried to watch 1883 but just get into it. I don’t see where Stallone can fit in a western. He’s more action kind of guy.

  14. I would love to see more of 1883 I’m a true fan of Yellowstone I love it I think 6666 would be a good spinoff

  15. I would love to see more of 1883 I’m a true fan of Yellowstone I love it I think 6666 would be a good spinoff

  16. 1883 is good but 6666 is much better. Yellowstone is by far the best. You should continue with 6666. 1883 is good by why have a second rate story take up time on the screen that the other two could have.

  17. I hope Yellowstone comes back to Paramount soon watched all the Series please bring it back, with the same people.

  18. I hope and pray there are more Yellowstone seasons. I do love the spin-offs but there is nothing like the original. Yellowstone. 💛

  19. I hope they keep 1883 run it all on up throughI hope they keep 1883 run it all on up through The thirties. Maybe redo the last episode With Elsa is surviving? She was a strong actress To drop her off out of the great great show

  20. I would love for Yellowstone and 1883 to last forever….I am so excited over both….I even paid for paramount plus. I hope that Elsa on 1883 is written back on some way….let it be a dream….she made 1883…don’t think it will get many ratings without her

  21. I hope 1883 will have a season 2, waiting on 6666, and 1932, I love all things yellowstone. Can’t wait

  22. Kevin Costner plays a believable character. He needs a woman as tough as Beth on the show. I loved 1883. I wish it would play on Paramount… So I could watch all of it. I love the believable an eye for an eye… You take from me I take from you. Tough love… Is the way my family’s always been.

  23. We grew up with horse’s and ponies. We lived far away from our neighbors. I had a small dog Shorty who was completely blind. A pony that I loved. Our neighbors had a German police dog. I was standing in our backyard… The dog came down the dirt and rutted road. He jumped on the back of the pony. Sinking his sharp teeth into his neck. I being 11 years old at the time stopped in shock. That dog was killing that pony. I ran screaming picked up a stick. I hit the dog several times in the head, not even a flinch. He would shake his head and dig in deeper. The last blow I landed caused him to shake his head and drop to the ground. I didn’t know what to do. I was faced with this rabid looking dog… The pony needed attention. I feared for my life. Our eyes locked. I could tell this dog was crazy. He started growling, snarling. Red fangs snapped… As he came toward me. I felt numb. It was as if everything was in slow motion. The crazy dog spotted little blind shorty. He lurched forward I dropped the wood in my hand. I closed my eyes, thinking I’m a goner. When my eyes opened… I saw it. The German police dog had shorty in its bloody mouth. I ran into the house. My brother was coming out the door with a shotgun. Standing next to him, watching the life being shook out of Shorty. Shoot him I screamed. I looked at my brother. He was shacking. I took the gun walked over to him and pulled the trigger. I shot him in the head. Both dogs were dead. I dropped to my knees stroking little Shorty. That dog teeth had bit into his lungs. Broke his neck shaking him like a rag doll. I stood up and handed the gun back to my brother. You need to bury them. The owner of the dog came running down to where we stood. You killed my dog. Looking at my brother. He nodded towards me. I shot him. I wanted to stop him from hurting another animal or human. The pony had to be put down too. We buried Shorty by the huge rock where he and I would lay in the sun. We worked our gardens. Pulled water from a well and carried coal from the railroad tracks. For heating. It was tough but we did it. Things like this come to mind when I watch Yellowstone or 1883. Hard clean living. You can’t hardly find the love and commitment of living on ranch or farm. Keep producing these shows Mr. Sheridan. It brings back memories… Wonder and not so wonderful. But it’s about family. That’s what’s important after all.

    1. Absolutely love your comments of your life as you were growing up in a time that was so much more wonderful than we realized at the time. I loved 1883, wish the series could continue. I also like Yellowstone, but the language bothers me.

  24. I’d love the 1883 story to continue with a new spinoff that follows the settlement of the Duttons on their new land and how the family becomes cattle ranchers

  25. I enjoy watching Yellowstone and love the role Kevin Costner playing. I have a quarter horse filly that is kind to horses off the 6666 ranch for racing

  26. Big yellow stone fan, don’t think second 1883 would work ,but would. Be cool to see tim an faith cross over to 6666 would go over well I think

  27. I would love to have it in paramount nit the plus cheated us out of our year subscription we had and xould not see the last episode if it is in paramount plus I will not watch any if themso please just do paramount, thank you

  28. What complete Let down 1883 was. I Couldn’t even finish the show. Killing her off [ The daughter ] was such a depressing storyline. You get invested in the characters and they just kill them off. I just needed to vent.

  29. Yes I hope there is a second season of 1883, really enjoyed it but felt it ended too abruptly. Left me expecting more

  30. Of course I would like to see it continue but no doubt Isabel May will be greatly missed her acting was something the tv and movie industry has been missing for a long time but I think I will miss her voice and the way she told her story just as much I certainly hope to see more of this wonderful actress on TV and in the movie industry. The writer should write until he can’t write any more he is so gifted and has reached out to so many people that have longed for what he has to offer thank you !

  31. Want more of all of these westerns.Need more of this kind of TV.Keep on the edge of my seat always waiting on next episodes.

  32. Absolutely not want but NEED Yellowstone to continue! Gotta know how Beth takes down the witch that fired her! 1883 though well written and excellently depicted by the cast has a bad habit of killing off important characters. I really think another season of 1883 to tie in the events of last season finale and any sequel is needed. I despise shows that jump back and forth to fill in gaps because a lack of effort or thought given to your watchers and their need for information !

  33. I think you shoud bring Elsa and others back from the dead! By making the last 2 to3 episodes a vision in Elsas dream so she can warn her father to prepare for what is coming and then they can save Elsa and others that died.

  34. please, please love Yellowstone, KevinCostner all the characters need to continue past season 5. Westerns or post westerns are back. THANK YOU

  35. It saddens me that you’ve gone to Paramount + for more $$$ as that leaves the rest of us, loyal fans, with regular network tv are left out. Shame on you 😳

  36. I am so sick of Taylor Sheridan! Yellowstone is a good program, but I hate watching hi mistreatment of horses! The sudden stopping he makes them do eventually causes lameness. And for him to advertise this way on Yellowstone sucks. Also, to become even richer by now promoting his 6666 ranch on a spinoff is disgusting. No one cares about Jimmie and certainly not about the 6666!

  37. Been waiting for the next Season A huge Fan of YellowStone. Both my Husband and I enjoy the Show.

  38. 1883 really was a well documented look into the lives of the pioneers traveling west. I would like to see more of the settlement of YELLOWSTONE ranch . It would be a shame to miss the time from 1883 to the 1930’s. Tim McGraw , Faith Hill and Isabel Mae were very authentic in their roles. Please bring them back and fill in the time gap in the series. Thank you.

  39. I would NOT like to see more spin-offs from Yellowstone because season 4 of Yellowstone was not the quality in writing of the storyline that season 1-3 was. Too much “Jimmy love triangle”, as one example and not enough Dutton family, the Indian Chief, Thomas, the airport, Kayce being asked to run for Governor. Beth was changed from a strong “unconventional” , sometimes self-destructive woman to a total psycho. Sheridan had/has too many other writing projects to give Yellowstone the quality writing of the past. Just my opinion, but many have shared the same opinion. I love Yellowstone and hope season 5 shows the quality of seasons 1,2,and 3.

  40. Tragic

    .Tragic story, reminds me of the movie Kujo.

  41. I don’t like the series 1883. I was disappointed in it. I love Yellowstone and I think I wil like 6666.But you should do away with 1883.sorry

  42. After the death of Elsa, I don’t see any need to carry with the series. They could have had a meaning ful second season if she were alive for she is the whole show.

  43. “Yes” please we need more 1883, Yellowstone and 6666.
    I believe it helps tell the truth about America’s past. Instead of the lies we read or were told by ignorant, predujust, self centered people.

  44. I am overwhelmed of Yellowstone.
    I live and breath it.
    1883 is good but it can’t beat Costner in Yellowstone.
    Thank u

  45. Yes I see a couple of spinoffs they’re missing a lot of years from the horse-drawn carriage to the nice new helicopter flying around..
    Maybe call it Montana the early days

  46. I absolutely love Yellowstone e, and fell hard for 1883, and looking forward to 6666. I greatly love horses, ranches and no more how dysfunctional a family are s – they are still family. I love it

  47. At first I didn’t think I was going to watch the prequel 1883, but it was so beautifully done and showed what hardship people went through during the expansion west, and how the native Americans were treated. I have to save the story line was well done. And there should be more Yellowstone spinoffs.

  48. Yes please these episodes coming. My family loves them. I love the suspense, the thrill of each twist and turn, the attitude from the actors. If each of these shows doesn’t win an award I’ll be pissed. My favorite character is Beth Dutton. Please keep the 1883- Yellowstone saga going.

  49. Im curious to see the spinoff 6666. I grew up on the 6666 located between borger tx and panhandle tx from the age of 3 until i turned 18 It was the best time of my life.

  50. I am 73 years olds I love every aspect of Yellowstone it is a masterpiece please continue at least for the rest of my life do your spin offs nothing can match Yellowstone I am sorry yes I have watched the spin-off but pls don’t stop Yellowstone not until I’m gone thk you

  51. I really hope there’s a season too I got hooked on it just like I did Yellowstone please please be a season 2

  52. Love Yellowstone. Yes more Yellowstone and any sequel Sheridan is willing to write about. The Best Western we’ve had in a long time! We’re a western family!! # Go Yellowstone $ Costner# Sheridan# bring us more

  53. In my humble opinion, 1883 was a smash hit! A season 2 I think should be able to wrap things up to the satisfaction of its many fans. Maybe feature the Duttons making their homestead real with all the problems that would come from that endeavor. Also cover the exploits of the couple that made it to Oregon. Just a thought to consider. Thanks for your time.

  54. I have been a fan of both Sheridan shows what a phenomenal writer. Actors are extraordinary. Story lines riveting.

  55. I hope there is one more season of 1883. Would really like to know if Elsa is living really life or the after life. Also which child is John’s descendants (grandfather down the line), to the Yellowstone series.
    The four 6’s with Stallone will be interesting. With Jimmy going back to Texas to work theee.

  56. Keep the Westerns coming. I am glued to the tube. I thoroughly enjoy all the twists and turns in the stories. I can smell the horses and the farm. Oh it brings back such glorious memories! Thank-you wonderful actors & actresses!

  57. I was blessed to meet Kevin at one of his concerts in MS. He is just like you and me! Everyday American trying to make a living and enjoy life. I hope there is another series but I hope it is more tailored for family conversations so that I can have my grandchildren watch the show and know there are people who know the difference between right and wrong on television!

  58. I think a lot of fans would like a season 2 of 1883 that covered the Duton’s 1st few years in Montana with some flashbacks covering a few years before the trip west. Possibly covering why the move to Fort Worth TX vs Inependence MO

  59. My son’s and daughter’s family ALL LOVE YELLOWSTONE. I also am anxiously waiting for the next season #5 PLEASE.!!!!!

  60. Yellow stone,is an awesome show it keeps you guessing what’s going to happen next…keep it coming..and you couldn’t if pick a better person to play Dutton..he’s so awesome ….can’t wait for it to come back..

  61. Please, do not put these shows on paramount plus. I do not and cannot get it. Makes it pretty 😔. Thank you.

  62. I must admit that I am not a western flick girl, but 1883 was simply epic. Was hoping for another season. I heard Mr. Sheridan is doing another spinoff of Yellowstone (6666), i cant wait!!!! He is amazing!

  63. I thought 1883 was just wonderful and would love to see a 2nd season. The final episode was so well done and moving, I just have to see where the writers take you. I love Yellowstone also

  64. There should be continuation of 1883, there’s obviously more to be said. Four 6’s should be interesting also.

  65. Love all of Taylor Sheridan’s work especially 1883 & Yellowstone!!! Want more of the western stories!!!

  66. I personally there is still much to
    Pursue in a 2nd season of 1882. The Duttons work has just begun in there struggle and grief of losing Elsa and the startup of the ranch. To end 1882 with Season 1 is unconscionable it’s as if a sentence was started and never given an ending, thus, rendering it ineffective.

    Mr. Taylor, I find the fans of the show are asking and/or pleading with you to tie up the loose ends in regards to Elsa’s death and then focus on the struggles of building the ranch.

    The people have spoken! Will you listen to the hearts of millions of fans who are speaking out about the tragic and sudden ending left us in disbelkib

  67. I think it is imperative to have the story line follow up to present day yellowstone. As fans we are invested in Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hills characters on 1883. Our beloved boy become cowboy Jimmy on Yellowstone as well. I love the idea of 6666. Another season of Kacey, Ripp and John is a must for the women fan base.

  68. The Four Sixes, 6666, is/was a large ranch in West Texas. I would hate to see that brand used for a tv series!

  69. No, I think they are finished with 1883. And are focused on Tulsa King right now which I have auditioned for a reoccurring role, (haven’t heard back yet). Anyway, once they have Tulsa King pretty much out of the way then they will go to 1932. And they’ll just jump from the years of 1883 up to Prohibition days of 1932. That’s my taken away. Wade Carter

  70. Please bring Yellow stone back on with extra shows, and never kill Beth. 1883 was awesome we need more shows like this

  71. A new of the Dutton ‘s family would be great , the actor’s was super and a continuous story of their life wiuld be super and how they got to where they are in Yellowstone..

  72. I’d love to see more 1883 this first series just wasn’t enough. Plus loosing the daughter was so heartbreaking it can’t end with her death. There has to be more too it then after death she met her husband who also had to have died to make it to her where an when they planned on meeting and just ride off happily ever ever, there has to be more to 1883 there just has too I miss Yellowstone just as much there’s so much more you could write about and keep these series going on n on n on !!
    That’s my opinion

  73. 1883 was such a hit,I think it would be a real shame if there is no season 2. Season 1 left us with a cliffhanger. You can’t leave us hanging! There is no “clean break” to 1932 or even 6666. Tie them all together with the storyline instead of just the Dutton name.

  74. I love westerns 1883 was so good I just couldn’t get enough. Sheridan is good with westerns he’s great with words and the way he done 1883 left me wanting more.

  75. Yes! There must be a continuation of this storyline. We deserve a better explanation of the family’s evolution after surviving the Indian attack and death of his daughter. Frankly, from a business point of view, I cannot understand why a Producer would not further develop Season 2 , knowing that millions will pay to watch a Season 2 of 1883!! Imagine if there had only been 1 Rocky movie!!! Come on… this is a “no-brainer Kevin Costner.

  76. I am excited for 1932, but need more of 1883. Elsa’s husband needs to know what happened to her.

  77. 1883 is a great show, it’s wonderful to see how our nation went through some of it’s western expansion. It’s a refreshing change from the usual crime, hospital, reality shows offered on television. I hope the westerns keep coming.

  78. Love Yellowstone & 1883 was wonderfully done. Though with the deaths at the end I can’t see it continuing. I thought it interesting to see Him McGraw. Recreate is character with now two sons in this season’s Yellowstone. Looking forward to more on that. I was not at all a fan of 6666. If there is a premiere of that as a whole series, don’t think I’ll tune in. Season 5 of Yellowstone & “1932” definitely welcome. Great job to the writers, director’s, crew and actors that bring these characters to life & tell their story.

  79. I hope there will be a season 2 of 1883. Want to know more of the Duttons in that time after Elsa died.

  80. I hope there is another season of 1883
    My family really loved it. Yellowstone is such a good show too but I loved the western series just as much
    I loved Faith Hill and Tim Magraw in it too.

  81. I say do another 1883 to see how they settled before the 1932 begins. Like to see what happens with the others that were left. I still watch 1883 all the and Yellowstone that’s all I want to watch but I grew up watching westerns. I love these shows so much!!!!

  82. I love the show, and I hope the Dutton’s kids get their heads on straight. I know that Kayce will protect the Family Ranch, and I know that Rip, and Beth will help in making that happen for Kayce kid’s. Yes I said kids. And I really hope that Jamie does follow in this Dad’s foot steps. I hope Jamie saves the Dutton’s Ranch. It’s the Dutton’s Legacy, not anyone else.. It’s there Destiny. They got to work together to make there Family Legacy, and they will, with the whole ranch right by there side.

  83. I fell in love with 1883 and Yellowstone. Season 2 of 1883 could bridge the gap between it and yellowstone. Showing what happened before the great grandson got the ranch. Yellowstone has so much potential to show us so much more. Hope there is a second season to both and can’t wait until the prequel 1932. Westerns with a twist are the … gotta love them.

  84. I love all modern day westerns. And I am definitely hooked on Yellowstone. And I have told many friends about it who also became avid fans! So love it all!

  85. I am definitely hooked on Yellowstone. And I have told many friends about it who also became avid fans! So love it all!

  86. I was very impressed with the quality of all assets of 1883 including costumes, actors, environmental casting right down to perfect dialog for the actual Era. By far the best Directing, acting,, watching Yellowstone and 1883 has been the best filming in every aspect of the word. Thank you for bring back true characters and fulfilling heartfelt writing. Bravo!

  87. My husband and I are huge fans of Yellowstone and 1883!
    Both are watched and enjoyed immensely!
    Waiting for the Season 5!
    All the actors are grate!❤️❤️

  88. I thought when yellowstone ca.d onit would be something good and wholesome. But I was really disappointed to see a witch of a woman, so nasty humiliating a man. I so, t hought she would be pretty soft but strong, the way I looked forward to seeing a woman a n from Montana. A lady!!!! And men looking and acting like real men. You can tell how volumes this man thinks in the way he writes the script. He makes the world, women and men see so dirty. He turns .y idea of Montana in to carupt

  89. They.need to continue 1883 fir 1 more season. There is still so much to tell. Their new homestead hasn’t even been established yet.

  90. PLEASE PLEASE have 1 more season of 1883. It was amazing. This would fill the gap between 1883 and 6666. I have enjoyed Yellowstone and 1883 so much I have watched them multiple times each. They are like Gone With the Wind. The more you watch the more you really see things you missed on the the first viewing. Sheraton Taylor you are the best writer and love your cameo appearances.

  91. I really enjoyed watching 1883. The details of careful authenticity was amazing. It struck me as extremely relevant for what we’re going through today. The narrator is telling the story of the Oregon trail. It’s been told a thousand times
    But this time it has a different authentic truth about it. No BS. No added crap. I. Think if anything, Sam’s spot on. 1883 stands alone. Nothing should taint it. That was the brilliant thing about it. It wasn’t just another crappy Hollywood driven spin story

  92. I believe there is SO MUCH MORE to the 1883 story! I need to see how the family stayed together, how they mourned, how they thrived, and how they managed to get to the 20th century. There is a lot of ti.e from 1883 to 1932. I couldn’t get enough of the 1883 story. Loved the persoey it was written from, amd thoroughly enjoyed the history and the story. Please….give us more of the story. I need to know what happens to Thomas, James, Margaret, and Young John.

  93. I hope their is Alot more.. Taylor Sheridan has Lifted America’s 💕. I Watched old Western s with my Dad.. He would Enjoy All of his Showes.. Thank you from thEirld . Number #1show for Last yrs.

  94. Yes I believe there will be a second season for 1883x
    Westerns take us away from hustle bustle and hassle of modern life……SIMPLER TIMES

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