Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Reveals The Beth Dutton Gold Chain Dress Secret!! 

Everyone knows the great powerful role Beth Dutton has been playing in the Yellowstone series. Yellowstone Kelly Reilly has been doing a fantabulous job. 

We have seen the guns coming out, a political campaign beginning, and how many people have died too in the process (It looks like the Dutton family is always in trouble!). 

That’s why the Dutton family and ranch is always needing protection. With Kevin Costner getting older and hotter each session, Yellowstone Kelly Reilly, and Rip have to take up some slack to protect their land and family! 

Recently, Yellowstone Kelly Reilly divulged that she tried to have Beth’s wedding dress dropped—But what was the reason??

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Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Revealed A Shocking Thing!! 

Let’s get going. How much we love bringing recent updates to our lovely readers. Can you smell it, guys? Yes, this scent. It’s Yellowstone Season 5. How much we love it when such an excellent Yellowstone cast gives us some BTS or secret insights of the show—Aah, it excites us so much.

Now, with other hot updates coming up, here’s Yellowstone Kelly Reilly with something to reveal about the dress. 

Yes, people, it’s true. Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler have finally tied the knot, and the ceremony was everything we could have hoped for. After years of on and off commitment, he agreed to engage his on and off, girlfriend. Oops, you can minus the white dress, the cake, the music and what not? Aah, but these are the tiny things. When it’s Yellowstone wedding happening, are we bound to expect something different?

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Yellowstone Kelly Reilly admits she initially offered an alternative to Beth Dutton’s wedding dress which she wears in the finale. 

Kelly Reilly originally got the dress for altogether a different scene. Still, ah, the Paramount Network series director Taylor Sheridan just thought it was just the perfect attire to cap off the season 4!

But ya, as Beth was seen initially wearing a gold, chain mail dress where she threatened a man in the prison, and later she paired it with a white fancy fur coat for the special occasion—Too casual, huh?

(She pulled off so amazingly during one of the most critical scenes of Yellowstone season 4, which no one else but only she could do!)

She also said to Taylor, “ Wouldn’t it be nice if she runs home, goes into her father’s closet, and puts on her mother’s wedding dress? And boom, he was like “Nah, Beth never gives a fuck what people think of her, and Yellowstone Kelly Reilly is seen wearing the most gangster moll dress, which she only got online!” 

Yellowstone Team, are you listening?

We are so waiting for more such insights or hot updates. It looks like till November; we shall be getting a lot of spoilers? Follow us for more such updates, and we won’t disappoint you!

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