Yellowstone: How Many People Kayce Dutton Killed So Far?

When it comes to the man involved with all the Dutton’s dirty business, one name that comes out is Rip Wheeler. However, some credit also goes to Kayce Dutton. So, how many people have Kayce Dutton murdered so far? Here is all we know. 

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If you have just started watching Yellowstone, you may be stunned by the brutality of Kayce. Within the first half of Yellowstone Season 1, Kayce started a rally of deaths. 

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How Many People Kayce Dutton Killed In Yellowstone?

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Though the rally of deaths piloted by Kayce started at a high pace, in the first season Kayce murdered only four initially. All with the same pistol. 

A fan commented on Reddit, saying, Kayce Dutton is the one who adds a pinch of violence and thrill to the first season. However, as the story proceeds, he uses his pistol a lot less. 

But has Kayce only killed four people? Well, the answer is a big no. 

Actually, assuming the exact number is a bit tricky. Kayce was a part of the military forces. Moreover, in the past, he narrated a story to his father that he killed a family of three. So, being associated with the military forces and carrying such a fearless personality, it’s pretty obvious that Kayce has killed many more. 

However, we can point out some of the major deaths, Kayce is guilty. In the first season of Yellowstone, we found him killing his brother’s murderer. Then as we shift to the next episode, we find Kayce killing two men who attempted to traffic a young girl. 

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All this mess happens in the first few episodes of Season 1. However, afterward, the creators decided to keep Kayce out of the world of death for a long time. But in the second half of season 2, once again we witnessed the brutality of Kayce Dutton when he murdered his son Tate’s kidnapper, the Bech Brothers. 

In Season 3 also we find Kayce getting into huge shootouts. So, calculating the exact number of people Kayce murdered is pretty difficult. What do you think, how many people did Kayce Dutton murder in Yellowstone? Tell us in the comment box. 

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