Yellowstone Elsa 1883: How Ennis And Elsa Could Have A Better Love Story Than Romeo & Juliet?

What would have happened if Ennis was alive till the end of 1883? Here is the fate of Ennis and Elsa’s love story. 

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Yellowstone prequel 1883 has simply occupied a special space in the audience’s heart. Prioritizing every element of entertainment, including thrill, action, suspense, romance, and emotion, 1883 turned out to be a hit show coming from Taylor Sheridan.

Does Elsa Dutton Die In 1883?

While 1883 took the audience on a roller coaster ride, it left them stunned with the death of a fan-favorite character. As we reached the climax of Yellowstone 1883, saw the most-loved character of the show, Elsa paving her way to the grave. 

Elsa Dutton gets knocked out of the scene by her fate on the lap of her father after suffering a serious infection from an arrow wound. She left her fans in tears, craving to watch her back on their screens. 

However, the show also introduced a love angle of Elsa 1883. So, what’s the deal with the eye-soothing relationship of Ennis and Elsa? Here is all we know. 

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Relationship Of Ennis & Elsa 1883 Takes A Turn 

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In 1883, Ennis was introduced as just another cowboy. However, he has a romantic relationship with the show lead Elsa Dutton.  The plot showcased several romantic settings between the two characters. Elsa even informed her mother she loves Ennis, and she wanted to start her family by marrying the cowboy. 

However, ultimately destiny has its own plans. Ennis died from a gunshot wound to the chest at the climax of 1883 episode 5. 

Do Ennis and Elsa Get Married In 1883?

Ennis And Elsa
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When Elsa Dutton and her father walked on the paths defined by Shea Brennan’s crew to pick up a bunch of wild cattle, they had their first meeting with Ennis. Ennis was stunned by Elsa’s beauty and he was attracted to her. 

As the plot proceeds, Elsa to develops feelings for the cowboy and we witnessed a romantic setting between Ennis and Elsa. The couple began flirting, and they eventually got closer to each other.

 In the fourth episode of 1883 Season 1, Elsa and Ennis enjoy their first kiss with added a pinch of romanticism in the plot. 

Ultimately, death separated the couple as Ennis was killed by a gunshot by the end of 1883 episode 5. 

So, what would have been the scene if Ennis was alive till the end? Comment down your views. 

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