1883 Faith Hill Reveals Her Favorite Yellowstone Character!! 

The modern-day Western series “Yellowstone” has proven to be a powerhouse for the Paramount Network, breaking all kinds of records for the cable network and giving rise to the first of many prequels and sequels with the equally successful “1883” origin narrative that aired on Paramount. 

The Yellowstone characters have got a special place in the hearts of Western drama lovers. So, recently, 1883 star Faith Hill revealed her favorite Yellowstone character. 

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the Yellowstone character. To know more about this, keep reading! 

More about the Yellowstone character!! 

Yellowstone Character
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While Kevin Costner is the undisputed star of “Yellowstone,” has won an Emmy and an Oscar as well as has over 40 years of illustrious acting credits under his belt, it’s another actor’s character who is frequently chosen as the favorite.

Faith Hill joins a long list of co-stars and viewers who can’t wait for this particular personality to appear on the screen. 

When asked which Yellowstone character she liked best, Hill responded without hesitation, “Beth.” 

“Kelly Reilly is outstanding. She portrays the powerful female character that was written for her so wonderfully. She’s amazing, without a doubt my favorite character.”

Kelly Reilly portrays Beth “brilliantly,” in Hill’s opinion!! 

Yellowstone Character
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Beth Dutton is the loving daughter of John Dutton, and as such, she is a free spirit who says and does whatever she pleases: She drinks men under the table, swears like a sailor, and fiercely defends her father’s property. 

She was a feisty lady in a time when that was frequently looked upon, and Hill may have used her as inspiration for Margaret Dutton in Season 1 of “1883,” who was also stubborn.

Without Kevin Costner, Yellowstone could resemble!! 

Fans of the Paramount Yellowstone had to wait until late August of 2020 to see Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, the family patriarch and proprietor of the Yellowstone Ranch, suffer multiple gunshot wounds from unidentified assailants while he was stopped by the side of the road to assist a passing motorist. 

John’s future is still uncertain. He was wounded by bullets but was still alive and moving when last seen. 

Fans believe that since then, Costner has remained there as Schrödinger’s Costner, stuck between life and death with no clear indication to the public as to whether or not he is passing peacefully into that good night.

However, that doesn’t imply that they haven’t made an effort to open the proverbial box. There are several rumors about Costner and his character’s potential return to the programme. 

In a December interview with Good Day New York, the actor flat-out refused to say whether he would be coming back. Some indications can be interpreted both ways.

Yellowstone Character
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If John Dutton is truly dead, who benefits ?

If Costner is indeed finished with the role—or is very close to being finished—then it begs a lot of concerns about what the show will do after that. 

First of all, he wonders if anyone else will be joining the roster of former actors. At the same moment that John was being attacked in the season 3 finale, two other Duttons were put at risk when Beth’s (Kelly Reilly) assistant detonated a parcel bomb in front of her and a gang of assailants barged into Kayce’s (Luke Grimes) office. To put it simply, the Duttons had an awful day.


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