Yellowstone 6666 Cast Revealed! Is Rip Wheeler Joining The Series?

If you are here, we know you are wondering about the Yellowstone 6666 cast. So, today, Sassyshows is here to discuss one of the most-anticipated releases of 2022, Yellowstone’s highly expected spinoff 6666. 

With 1883 touching the heights of success, the fans already know the potential of Yellowstone spinoffs. When the Yellowstone prequel, 1883 dropped the fans were more than happy to dive into the western lands exploring the origin of Dutton’s legacy. The series was not only interesting, but it also exposed the Dutton family’s history. The show was incredibly tragic, and it marked its climax with the death of the main protagonist, Elsa Dutton

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So, with the first season of 1883 wrapping off on an emotional note, the fans are clamoring for more Yellowstone spinoffs. While they were expecting 1883 season 2, creator Taylor Sheridan decided to end the series with one season and bring two new prequels of Yellowstone, 1932 and 6666. 

With the official announcement of Yellowstone 6666, social media got loaded with rumors and fan theories on the series’ plot and 6666 cast. So, if you are a fan curious to get a sneak peek of what is expected from the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff, make sure to read the complete article. 

Yellowstone 6666 Storyline

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With 1883 getting so much love from the fans, everyone has high expectations from the upcoming series 6666. However, if you are a fan with some huge expectations from 6666, the show may leave you disappointed. Why?

Because the upcoming chapter is neither a prequel nor a unique story that will blow your minds. 

Yellowstone 6666 takes place in Texas’ Four Sixes Ranch and majorly focuses on the daily lives of the people in this historical ranch. Though the magic of Taylor Sheridan may make it interesting, as much as 1883? Definitely not. 

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Yellowstone 6666 Cast 

One thing that will make Yellowstone 666 shine will be its characters. While we have seen that the Yellowstone cast has always managed to impress the fans, the 6666 cast may also include some mind-boggling faces. 

So, it’s pretty clear that the strength of the Yellowstone 6666 cast will make or break the show. With Yellowstone season 4 wrapping off, we had a glimpse of what we must expect from 6666. 

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The good news is the fan-favorite character, Jimmy played by Jefferson White will be in the 6666 cast. His story arc will most probably focus on his romantic setting with the Vet of the Ranch, Emily, played by Kathryn Kelly. So, with Yellowstone Season 4 teasing the relationship of the duo, it’s clear that they will be back in Yellowstone 6666. 

Apart from these two, we also expect to see Ryan Bingham as Walker in the upcoming series. We also expect that Hassie Harrison will walk into the scene as Laramie, the lover of Walker. The fans are also craving to see Jennifer Landon in 6666 casts as Teeter. 

Last but not the least, it’s clear that Rip will make frequent visits to the 6666 ranch. So, we will not be surprised if Rip Wheeler becomes a regular member of the Yellowstone 6666 cast. 

Are you excited about Yellowstone 6666? Tell us in the comment section. 

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