Yellowstone 5 Spoilers: Kevin Costner Hints What’s Coming Next!! 

People, Sassyshows have actually done a deep dive into the Yellowstone Season 5 loose ends and have come up with some crazy Yellowstone 5 spoilers. 

Okay, those who can hold on to their sofas—Chill and wait. But those who just can’t wait to see the sassy spoilers, we have to spill on, you guys, keep reading.

Kevin Costner Teases The Future Of Yellowstone!! 

Yellowstone 5 Spoilers
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Recently in an interview, Dutton gave us enough reasons for what’s coming ahead.

Yes, people. You can count on us for these crazy Yellowstone 5 spoilers, as the cliffhangers literally kept us up for nights, and of course, with a lot of research and some good coffee, we here bring our readers some answers for the upcoming season!

Is Beth Prison Bound?

Calm as the sea, Beth shrugged off Caroline’s promise to put her in the jail for commuting corporate espionage against market equities. 

But can the real tough-talking conniver actually keep from falling out of the hot pan and into the hot fire at the same time? 

Yellowstone 5 Spoilers

Will John be elected?

So everyone knows how badly John wants to be the Governor but what if he’s shot again? Will the adopted son Jamie settle down in the seat of the power—what say, fellas?

How bad is option no.3?

Remember the scene where—Beth warned Jamie that he should have been chosen of the first two fire options which she offered him. 

This means, that now she owns him. But will she and John make him their puppet and use him in the governor’s office? Or will Beth be strong-armed by them into pulling out of the gubernatorial race?

Yellowstone 5 Spoilers
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What? Are Jimmy and Emily coming back?

Since we are sure of seeing more of these lovebirds in season 5. Yes, you can thank us later for giving this latest update on Yellowstone 5 spoilers. Oh yes, but what about the action scenes then? Will it be replaced by the romantic ones?

Yellowstone 5 Spoilers
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Chances are Summer would be a free woman!

As per the Yellowstone 5 spoilers, it looks like Summer might be a free bird…or might not. 

Will Teeter ever get an actual real story?

Everyone knows as the actress has been promoted to the series on a regular basis, will we actually get to know more about her?

Will the train station ever be discovered?

Wasn’t it the perfect place to dump a body? Yah? But by now there will be so many bodies rotting by that side. 

If the feds ever get involved—can you imagine the number of murders in which the Duttons would be thus implicated?

Who knows if all these Yellowstone 5 spoilers would be actually shown in the series, huh?

Do you think Yellowstone season 5 would be the best of all the seasons? Be super sure to share this right now in the comment section—As we love knowing our readers. 

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