Paramount Network Confirms Yellowstone 5 Cast Major Changes

What? Really? Again, a suspense or a surprise? 

What should we say? We can’t imagine every day getting new updates which are nevertheless building so much excitement in us for the upcoming season 5, which is gonna be released by the end of the year! As per a recent update, Yellowstone 5 cast has got a major change. Here is all we know. 

But as they say, Yellowstone is Yellowstone, and now after this news, the Fanbase is just so surprised!

Yellowstone 5 Cast
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Paramount has recently confirmed the significant changes in the Yellowstone 5 cast. We guess no one, even their dreams, would have imagined or thought of this coming up. 

Keep reading; Who are coming back?

No one saw this coming, but after the press release from Paramount Network, they confirmed that Kai Caster, Lainey Wilson, Lilli Kay, and Dawn Oliveri would be joining the Yellowstone 5 cast.

Oh, now we feel the news about the newcomers is also true? Aah, but nothing has yet been confirmed by Paramount!

Multiple spin-offs and spoilers have been up for the Yellowstone, but this cast change was not expected 

Yellowstone 5 Cast
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Let’s say someone we never thought is coming back to the season. The crazy-loving fans were anyways expecting Kevin Costner, Gil Birmingham, Luke Grimes, and Kelly Reilly are almost guaranteed to return; a few more new faces are just going to add some spark, too!

Now the Dutton family drama gets more exciting

Already in addition to Mo and Wendy becoming series regulars, these four new outstanding characters are Kai Caster as Rowdy, a young cowboy Lainey Wilson as Abby, a super fantastic musician Lilli Kay as Clara Brewer (Oops, she’s the new assistant for the Dutton family) and Dawn Olivieri as Sarah Atwood ( Yes peeps, she’s the talented and confident businesswoman looking to spice up things in Montana!

Aaah, looks like things are already shaken up, huh?

Until yesterday, we were still digesting the Josh Lucas news, and boom, this news came today!

Yellowstone 5 Cast
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Taylor Sheridan, what all surprises and shocks should we expect next? But trust us, we feel how perfect this can be, as we can’t wait to watch the twists and turns happening with the Dutton family in season 5!

OMG, The President and CEO Chris McCarthy says,

“The record-breaking performance of the series proves we’ve tapped  cultural nerve and unleashed a passionate audience from the center of the country to each of the coasts!”

We wish good luck and much love to the Yellowstone Team

It looks like Season 5 is going to be promising, too. Yes, we look forward to more such surprises and shocks in the future. 

We can’t wait to see what the Yellowstone 5 cast will be bringing to the table. But it looks like this new season will surely be another one fans will remember forever and won’t dare to miss!

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