Yellowstone 1932 Cast Revealed! Here Are More Updates On Release Date & Trailer 

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Taylor Sheridan appears to be unstoppable. The multi-hyphenate writer, director, producer, and actor developed Yellowstone which allowed Paramount’s breakout success in 2018. And now he is coming back with the 1932 series. Sheridan, Paramount’s sweetheart, has extended his multi-year agreement with the studio through 2028, and now has nine (yes, nine!) shows on the air or in the works!

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Sheridan has not let either Paramount or Paramount+ down. Mayor of Kingstown and Yellowstone prequel series 1883, both of which he produced for the old-school network’s big splash into the original streaming content field, are legitimate hits for the streamer and have been renewed and extended, respectively.

What is the story of the Yellowstone prequel 1932?

The prequel Yellowstone 1932 continues the Dutton family through yet another time of growth in American history—the early 1930s and beyond. The Duttons will be seen navigating their way through the Great Depression and the Prohibition era in the United States in the new series.

Downton Abbey reigned supreme in the 1910s, Boardwalk Empire reigned supreme in the 1920s, and 1932 will reign supreme in the 1930s.

What is the Dutton Family all about?

The Dutton family of today, as shown in Yellowstone, is a strong family of cattle ranchers in Montana. They are continually guarding their property and money against intruders while also attempting to expand it, led by family patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner). A scarred former Navy SEAL (Luke Grimes), a disgruntled and aspiring attorney (Wes Bentley), and a lady are among others in that generation (Kelly Reilly).

Yellowstone 1932 Cast Revealed!!

Yellowstone 1932
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Because the project is currently under development, no cast members have been disclosed. In terms of characters, we’ll see John Dutton Sr. (now portrayed by Audie Rick in 1883) in the series.

Taylor Sheridan is expected to appear as a guest star at some time. He appeared as Travis Wheatley, a horse merchant, on Yellowstone, and as Charlie Goodnight, a cattle rancher, in 1883. Goodnight is based on the real-life Charles Goodnight, dubbed “The Father of the Texas Panhandle.” 

We may also hope to see actor James Jordan feature on the show in some manner. Jordan has appeared in numerous projects by Sheridan, including Yellowstone (as cattle agent Steve Hendon), 1883 (as Cookie), and Mayor of Kingstown (as prison guard Ed Simmons).

We can’t wait to see who Sheridan casts in his next program, given the star power of his past shows.

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How Is It Related to Yellowstone in 1883?

Yellowstone 1932 will most likely function as a link between Yellowstone 1883 and the primary attraction. Given that Yellowstone 1883 is largely concerned with the “wild frontier” era of American westward expansion, it is all about the Dutton family attempting to establish a foothold in the region that would one day make them wealthy and powerful. Yellowstone 1932 is expected to start up with the family’s next generation in desperate difficulties, as the Great Depression and the repercussions of World War I threaten all they have managed to establish thus far.

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What Impact Will This Have on Yellowstone?

Yellowstone 1932 will be a prologue to Yellowstone, but there will be many decades between the events of the four seasons thus far (barring any huge time jumps from 1932). While Yellowstone 1932 will most certainly fill in a lot of the history and mystery surrounding the Dutton family, we would most likely see its repercussions in how surviving the Great Depression and expanding their empire shapes the family into the vicious, but broken clan that they are.

When is the premiere of Yellowstone 1932?

There’s no news on when 1932 will be released, but we’re hoping production will begin in the second part of this year. If they do begin production in late 2022, the debut date will most likely be in mid-to-late 2023.

Where can I see 1932?

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1932 will be available exclusively on Paramount+.

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