Yellowstone 1923 Is Coming On This Date!! Everything We Know About The Prequel!! 

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The wait gets uneasy now to know more about Yellowstone 1923. 

We are thrilled as Taylor Sheridan expands his franchise further with another prequel. Post the successful release of 1883, a new prequel in the making is exciting to hear!!! This series is set near the Prohibition era of WWI as Montana experiences economic collapse ahead of the Great Depression! 

Here is all we know about Yellowstone 1923… 

We can’t wait for more now, Paramount+

Yellowstone 1923
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Please enrich us with more news about Yellowstone 1923!!

Coming in front of creator Taylor Sheridan, his latest creation Yellowstone 1923, is a spinoff, but we are not much aware of it!!! But we do know a little thought!!

The few key members who would be the pillars of the show, and also about its plot! 

Yellowstone 1923 Release Date

Yellowstone 1923
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The prequel Yellowstone 1923 is scheduled to premiere by the end of this year. The series is filming in Montana for now, fans!!!

The excitement was also overloaded when Paramount+ changed the series’ name from 1932 to 1923 – the era about 30 to 35 years before the birth of John Dutton III.

So, it is set to arrive on Paramount+ in December by year-end. This will follow Yellowstone Season 5’s premiere on November 3, 2022. 

It All Started With? 

The executive producer of 1883, David C Glasser, said in a statement that Taylor Sheridan would be going deep into the roots of the Dutton Family Tree that is standing firm and tall as on date with many branches of it that have been decked up with an immense fan following.

This time, this spinoff will take the fans to the Great Depression and its days back then!!

Yellowstone 1923 Cast 

Hey, fans, let us share updates on the cast of Yellowstone 1923. 

Deadline confirmed that Sebastion Roche should be the newest actor showcasing a recurring role in the soon-to-release spinoff. 

We have seen Roche staring at infamous series like Big Sky and TheMan in the High Castle and The Vampire Diaries and the Originals! 

Though details about his role in Yellowstone 1923 are yet to be disclosed!

Yellowstone 1923
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Where to Watch Yellowstone 1923?

Oh, now that is interesting! While we have Yellowstone airing on Paramount Network and streaming on Peacock, 1923 will stream exclusively on Paramount+ only, just like 1883!

Episodes of Yellowstone 1923

Though we have no confirmation on how many episodes shall conclude Yellowstone 1923, we anticipate that, like previous seasons, even Yellowstone 1923 would average out ten episodes!

Final thoughts

We are incredibly excited about Yellowstone 1923. Before that, we strongly recommend you all to go and watch the previous seasons of Yellowstone available on Peacock!!

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