Yellowstone 1883 Episode 10: Will Sam Save Elsa In 1883? Elsa Dutton Steps Into The Sickle Of Death

Will Sam save Elsa in 1883 Episode 10? Or it’s too late? Here is everything we know so far.

 Will Sam Save Elsa In 1883
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The latest episode of Yellowstone 1883 has kept the fans stunned with the fan-favorite character Elsa Dutton, severely injured. So, the viewers are eagerly counting on Yellowstone 1883 Episode 10 to get their answer on – will Sam save Elsa? Or is it already too late?

Yellowstone 1883 is turning out to be even more intense and jaw-dropping for the fans. With Y 1883 episode 10 knocking at the doors, the fans are curious to get the answers to their much-awaited question – Does Elsa die in 1883

We have already witnessed Elsa Dutton, one of the show’s protagonists stepping into grave danger as she was shot by an arrow. So, is this the end of the fan-favorite character Elsa or Sam will manage to save her? Here is everything we know. 

Yellowstone 1883 Episode 10 Spoilers: Will Sam Save Elsa in 1883? 

 Will Sam Save Elsa In 1883
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In the last episode, we saw Elsa being shot with an arrow which led to a severe infection. Clouds of grief surrounded her family as her father and mother accepted Elsa’s fate. They realized their beloved daughter had less time in hand. 

However, the fans are clamoring to see her back. They are hoping for her speedy recovery. 

 Will Sam Save Elsa In 1883
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If you are a Y 1883 fan, you are already aware of Elsa’s relationship with Sam. Though the story tied them to a love angle, they ultimately ended up moving to separate ways. 

However, the fans think when Sam will know that Elsa is dying of injury, he would not waste a second to come to her rescue. As per the viewers, Sam will come up with a method to cure the bleeding wounds of Elsa in Y 1883 Episode 10. 

So, what do you think? Will Sam Save Elsa in 1883? Share your views in the comment section. 





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  1. I really hope Elsa is not dead. And also I hope that Shae ( Sam Elliott) isn’t dead.. Don’t know if I’m gonna keep watching if they are!

  2. Well, the question is why did Elsa’s father take two horses with him when he took Elsa to her dying grounds. Then the next thing you see is her getting on her horse and Sam is there and they ride off together! I hope she does dye after all and Addie Sam Elliott, I hope he did not kill himself either.

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