Y 1883 Season 2: Will There Be Season 2 Of 1883?

Yellowstone prequel 1883 has been garnering a ton of positive reviews and millions of views since its debut. However, with the first season wrapping up, the fans are curious to get updates on 1883 season 2. 

So, will there be season of 1883? Here are the latest updates from the bucket of the officials. 

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Yellowstone 1883 

Yellowstone prequel 1883 has won the hearts of the audience taking the story of the Dutton family to a new level. Loaded with hundreds of twists and turns the series has been an absolute thriller for the fans. While the tragic ending added the cherry on the cake. 

Will There Be Season 2 Of 1883
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Y 1883 Season 1 wrapped off on February 15, 2022. However, the fans were left with a bunch of questions unaddressed. Hence, they are now craving for the second part of the series. So, will there be season 2 of 1883? 

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Will There Be Season 2 Of 1883?

While Y 1883 Season 1 has been an instant hit, the fans were looking forward to season 2. Moreover, a rumor went viral a few days back that 1883 Season 2 is in the works. But the reality is utterly disappointing. 

Will There Be Season 2 Of 1883
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As per the latest statement of the series creator Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone 1883 is a one-and-done venture of the franchise. In a recent interview, Taylor Sheridan confirmed that 1883 is not an ongoing series and has wrapped it off with season 1. 

Yellowstone 1883 Season 2 Release Date – When Will New Episodes Drop?

Though the show creator has revealed that 1883 is a limited episodes series, the statements from Paramount+ mismatches his calls. Recently, in an investor call, Paramount+ officially revealed that they will be ordering some fresh episodes of 1883. 

Will There Be Season 2 Of 1883
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However, as per our sources, the new episodes will jump into a new iteration, 1992, which will be a future setting with new cast members. Fingers crossed and let’s hope for the best. 

So, what do you think will there be season 2 of 1883? Share your views in the comment box. 


14 thoughts on “Y 1883 Season 2: Will There Be Season 2 Of 1883?”

  1. I think it’s total garbage to get invested in a good show to only give us 1 season. Makes me reconsider watching anything from Taylor Sheridon in the future, not because it won’t be good, because it will, but because I am left wanting more and am disappointed that I have to let go of the early Dutton family and the actors that portrayed them.

  2. My boyfriend got me into watching this series and I love it. I was hoping for more but it looks like I’ll be disappointed.

  3. One and done is best. It was a great show but another season especially with Elsa being alive would be so cheesy it would ruin the whole season 1.

  4. I really enjoyed watching 1883 season 1. I am looking forward for a season 2. I miss watching 1883.
    I love watching yellstone. It seems like forever to see the new seasons for both 1883 and Yellowstone. Oh and 1932. Please hurry can’t wait to watch them.
    Both were outstanding westerns

  5. I understand 1&done, there is enough unanswered questions that could answered with a Season 2. Maybe, in doing this the creators could lead us into the next spin of that they are planning on doing. Maybe, it will not take the viewers so much time to refamiliarize ourselves to the grown up characters & we can follow the plot line a bit smoother. Instead of making everyone spending what should be an hour of enjoyment. We all spend that time trying to tie the characters from one series to the characters of the another series and then to another series. The who are and where do we place them.. Maybe, that is the creators have in mind in the 1st place. Or, is it the actors that do not want a 2nd season?

  6. I hope so I love that show and all the stars If Not I will cancel my subscription 1883 was the only reason I subscribed in the first place

  7. I think 1883 is a one and done series….Now we should expect a jump to a different era and honestly that’s when Sheridan should bring back some of the key actors from 1883 to revise a different role for the different time period whether it be past or future I really think this is what’s going to happen……all in all they would still be family and look alike so why not bring back the cast from 1883. Thx Sheridan for a great Show!!!!

  8. I loved 1883! I pray in Jesus’s name that 1883 will return for at least 2 more seasons. 1883 reminds me of a culmination of all the westerns that we baby boomers grew up with. Bonanza, The Virginian, High Chapperal, Laramie, Deputy, Wells Fargo, and most of all Death Valley Days etc and many more all rolled into 1883. Paramount and Taylor Sheridan would do all of us lovers of westerns a great disservice not giving us fans more 1883. It’s historical! As long as we have a world it will play in reruns for my grandchildren and great grand children to see too. Please reconsider AND put it on the paramount station to see just like “Yellowstone ” Thank- you
    Mrs. Wendeline Galloway

  9. Someone just asked is there enough story for more 1883. I say as a fan yes, and yes and followed by another YES!! TAYLOR SHERIDAN HAS A GIFT AND HE CAN DO IT FOR HIS FANS!!!! PLUS Sam Elliot is up in years and a very talented actor that has been under utilized for years because no one had the good sense to write good western scripts for him. He looks good and works well with his cast mate LaMonica Garrett, so why can’t we have them for 2 more seasons at least. PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR FANS MR. TAYLOR SHERIDAN !!! We will all appreciate you so much more for it. It’s history and so much of our history is being changed from reality or just plain lost. Thank- you again Mrs. Wendeline Galloway



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