Y 1883: Is Margaret Responsible For The Death Of Elsa Dutton 1883?

1883’s finale broke the fans into pieces. The death of the fan-favorite character Elsa Dutton 1883 turned out to be a sharp knife stabbing the hearts of the fans. 

However, with Elsa’s exit from the scene, the audience stormed the Internet with a bunch of queries. One of the hottest being – Is Margaret Dutton responsible for Elsa’s death? Here is everything we know. 

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Elsa Dutton 1883
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Is Margaret Guilty of The Death Of Elsa Dutton 1883?

Let’s take you to a flashback. When Elsa met the love of her life, Sam, the Native American gifted her a Lakota vest which would have helped her from catching an arrow on the chest. 

Elsa Dutton 1883
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However, in 1883 episode 9, Elsa slipped on her mother’s earnest requests to change her dress, as the wagon train was slowly approaching a fort. 

When Margaret was questioned about the matter, she broke down into tears, revealing, “It did not even occur to me when I read the script. I read it a thousand times. It did not occur to me even after we filmed it.” 

Elsa Dutton 1883
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She further added, “It only occurred to me after I saw it: Oh My God, it’s my fault Elsa was shot and killed, as had she had her vest on that was meant to protect her, given to her by Sam, maybe she could have survived the arrow,”

This is one of the biggest realizations Faith Hill aka Margaret had. The Lakota vest may have helped Elsa surpass the death hours. So, what do you think? Is Margaret unintentionally responsible for the death of Elsa Dutton 1883?

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  1. yes, 1st her husband told her to stay there and wait…..2nd she made Elsa change clothes….had they stayed there, when the Indians returned, they would have known they were not responsible for the massacre of their families,. seeing Elsa dressed in the Indian vest would have lead him to speak to her, giving her the opportunity to explain they found the village like this and her father and the other men have gone after the ones who done it.


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