Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Release Date Out? Will There Be A New Season 

2021 saw the premiere of the fantasy and psychological horror anime series Wonder Egg Priority. 

The project, which is not an anime adaptation of a manga, is all new material. 

The anime creator is Shinji Nojima, a well-known live-action television producer. The creative studio work is taken on by CloverWorks, a company many of us are familiar with from anime programs. 

Thanks to the well-liked anime Dakaichi and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai; we are also familiar with the studio. 

So, with the incredible popularity of season 1, the fans are craving Wonder Egg Priority Season 2. So, will there be season 2? 

Will there be Wonder Egg Priority Season 2?

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2
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Wonder Egg Priority is not based on an existing manga, unlike many other anime. 

Therefore, we cannot state when the second season will be released. 

The first season closes with Ai Ohto embarking on a mission to rescue Neiru Aonuma from the Egg World, although the outcome of her efforts is unknown. Furthermore, we are unaware of what happened between Neiru and Frill in the interim in the Egg World.

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Release Date 

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2
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Although there may be more to discover in this universe, the first season’s production was so shoddy that CloverWorks might decide against a second. 

The final episode was never broadcast when the series first ended. The eighth episode had to be replaced with a recap episode since the production team could not finish it in time. 

Although the season officially finished on March 31, 2021, a special attack that aired on June 30, 2021, ended the series.

Season 2 of Wonder Egg Priority’s plot

The show’s first season came to a close with the episode “Unvanquished Warrior,” which left many things unresolved. 

First off, Dot killed Rika’s pomander, Mannen, and she is bloodthirsty for vengeance. She is, after that, forbidden from returning to the Egg World. Ai’s next duty is safeguarding her parallel version from the marvel killer Mr. Sawaki.

Ai expresses her sorrow and persuades the parallel Ai to reconcile with her mother. When they overcome Mr. Sawaki and win the game, Frill s’ agent, Kirara, confronts them. The real AI is saved in the season one finale when the parallel universe AI puts herself in front of her and gets her eyes gouged. 

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2
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The first season’s finale caused a lot of controversy and fan backlash. Most of it was for the show’s new direction in the plot that it took in the final three episodes. Episode 11, where Frill is introduced, receives widespread criticism from fans because the story is drastically altered.

The primary mystery throughout the first ten episodes was meant to be what happened to Koito, but towards the finale, fans are left wondering. The wonder egg priority special episode thankfully provides the resolution to Koito’s plot. 

Concerning Wonder Egg Priority Season 2, fans are curious about how Frill relates to the 14-year-old girl’s suicide. Dot, Hyphen, and Kirara are three monsters that Frill created; thus, how are they still alive if Frill was burned to death? Frill was most recently depicted being burned by Ura-Aca, raising the question: Is Frill still alive?

As the show never credits Ura-Acca as the ones who invented wonder eggs, we also hope that season two will explain how they are manufactured. Dot is one of the most hated characters in the program. 

Therefore Rika’s vengeance is still in the works. After declaring he is leaving the Egg world permanently, would Momoe eventually return? Have the girls abandoned Neiru entirely?

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