Will We See The Stranger Things Victor Creel In Season 4?

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We are back again with another buzz on Stranger Things and this time it’s about none other than the father of the Big Bad – The Vecna!!! One of the biggest questions coming out surrounds the Stranger Things Victor Creel!! 

We are sure you have already had the experience of witnessing the most horrifying installment of the Stranger Things Series – Season 4… and if not then please consider this as a warning as everything going on from here will be a spoiler to the ones who are yet to witness Stranger Things Season 4. 

The Gruesome Murder of the Creels

The Stranger Things Victor Creel
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It was in the 1959s that the entire family of the Creels was murdered in a very disturbing way. And it was the father of Vecna also known as Stranger Things Victor Creel, who was the prime suspect in the death of his wife, son, and daughter. He is serving imprisonment for the same reason for years and is now just counting years. 

The Stranger Things Victor Creel is played by the American actor and horror legend Robert Englund. 

The Freddy Krueger of A Nightmare on Elm Street aka the Stranger Things Victor Creel plays a very pivotal role in Stranger Things 4. 

His old house and he himself have an important plot in the storyline of Hawkins. Stranger Things Victor Creel has spent nearly 3 decades in a  psychiatric hospital after being accused of a “gruesome murder” of his own family in the ’50s in Hawkins. His story turns out to be more heartbreaking than we fans thought of!!

The Stranger Things Victor Creel was not the Creepy Murderer

The Stranger Things Victor Creel
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It is only when Nancy Wheeler, played by Natalia Dyer, visits the hospital and is exposed to the shocking truth that the accused Victor Creel who is serving the punishment is not the one responsible for the deaths in his family.. 

And says it was some demonic power who was responsible for it. Later Nancy would learn from Vecna himself that Vecna aka Henry Creel is not only the son of Victor Creel but also he is the one who is responsible and not his father who was responsible for the deaths in his family.

The Fate of Victor Creel

The Stranger Things Victor Creel
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We all know that Robert Englund aka father of the Big Bad Vecna – Stranger Things Victor Creel is by far one of the best choices made by the Duffer Brothers. For now, we have had the Stranger Things Victor Creel showing up only in episode 4 of Season 4. But we definitely wish to have more of Robert Englund aka Stranger Things Victor Creel and we do have some buzz around the same.

In an interview, the horror legend did share with the viewers that he was unsure of Victor’s fate. He definitely shared his point of view on how could Victor be back in the show. The American actor who portrayed Freddy Krueger, in A Nightmare on Elm Street, shared with the viewers how he recently watched the entire season 4 of the Stranger Things and there was a point where the Big Bad Vecna announces his intentions to revisit his father. 

This definitely makes us ponder that there might be a return of the Stranger Things Victor Creel where we might witness the reunion of the father and the avenging son Vecna aka Henry Creel.

Wrapping Up

We are in absolute excitement to know whether we shall see the return of the Stranger Things Victor Creel in the forthcoming episodes and the fifth installment. Are you?  Follow us for more such updates!

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