Will There Be King Richard 2? Will Smith Revealed Some Leaks On Another King Richard Movie

Will there be King Richard 2? Will Smith come back in the role of Richard Williams? Here is all we know about another King Richard movie.

Will Smith’s King Richard has got the limelight after the star bagged his first Oscars award for playing the lead role in the movie. While Will’s fans burst out of joy, many are wondering if there will be King Richard 2 or not? Here is everything we know so far. 

 King Richard 2
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Though one of the biggest achievements of Will Smith has been recently overshadowed by the star slapping Chris Rock on stage, we cannot deny Will has done it. He has got his hands on the prestigious Oscars award for his mind-boggling performance in King Richards. 

King Richards narrates the story of one of the all-time best American tennis coaches, Richard Williams. The story deals with the ups and downs as he desires for his two daughters, Serena and Venus to engrave their names on the page of sports history. He trains them with every drop of his experience to help them turn into world-class tennis players. 

Will Smith plays the role of Richard Williams, a father who is determined to push his daughters to the doors of success training them to be top-notch sports professionals. King Richards is a masterpiece that elaborates their story and it’s directed by none other than Reinaldo Marcus Green. 

With Smith bagging his first Oscars award for his performance in King Richard, the movie is trending across social media. While many fans are curious to know that will there be King Richard 2? Here is all we know. 

Will There Be Another King Richard Movie?

 King Richard 2
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As of now, the creators have not yet revealed any plans on making another installment of Richard Willaims life. The movie is solely biographical so it’s hard to expect one more season. However, in case the creators have their hands on other chapters of Richard’s life, they may bring another movie. In that case, we will be the first to update you. So, stay tuned. 

King Richard 2 Release Date 

 King Richard 2
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Till now, there are no updates on King Richard 2. So, as of now, we don’t even know whether there will be another King Richard movie or not. But make sure to stay tuned to get hands-on more updates. 

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