Will There Be Justice League 2? Creators Dropped Big Update!! 

Will there be Justice League 2? This is one of the trending questions across all DC forums. So, are there any updates? Here is all we know.

While a Justice League 2 still hasn’t been confirmed, it’s not impossible to imagine the DC team getting a second chance at bringing together their biggest heroes on-screen. 

As long as people love Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash, we’ll keep seeing them together in new blockbuster movies.

While there hasn’t been any formal announcement, Justice League 2 can probably be expected sometime in the future, especially since nobody wants to miss out on that.

Here is what the creators revealed about the second part…

Will There Be Justice League 2?

Will There Be Justice League 2?
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Zack Snyder’s Justice League film was significantly successful in March of 2021. Even though his version of the DC team-up release was without any plan, Joss Whedon reshoots, it still grossed over $600 million domestically and $1 billion internationally.

The director’s highly anticipated follow-up, however, never came to fruition. The film also served as a culmination point for the DC Extended Universe–bringing together the director’s vision of the characters he had built through his movies.

In the most recent interview with Comic-Book Debate, the Watchmen’s director revealed that he has no plans to continue his proposed DC extended universe adaptation. 

Stating: “I can’t think about what I’m doing next until this one [ Justice League ] is out of the way. Because I can’t freely think about it as long as I have to be pulling this freight train.” However, he did admit that he does continue to think about it: “Oh yeah, I’ve thought about it a lot. I’ve thought about what would be in it and come up with some stuff. So it’s not something I’m opposed to thinking about it.”

What was Zack Snyder’s plan for Justice League 2?

Will There Be Justice League 2?
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Our heroes take on Steppenwolf to prevent him from uniting the three Mother Boxes, as in the original version of Justice League.

They succeed and kill Steppenwolf with Wonder Woman, beheading him as he’s pushed back through the portal to Apokolips after a minor blip where The Flash has to reset time a bit. 

Darkseid, DC’s equivalent to Thanos, plays a more significant part in this film version, and he pledges to come to Earth to fight the heroes and steal the Anti-Life Equation.

Will There Be Justice League 2?
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A popular comic book series is about to undergo a reboot-style revival. DC Comics’ “Justice League” and its related components, including “Aquaman” and “The Flash,” have never been more popular. 

Their key players — Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman — have already had blockbuster films in the past five years. While the Justice League has undergone several reboots over the years, it’s time to bring back an older version of the team. The public is more familiar with this team than any other incarnation, making it the best course of action for DC right now.


Warner Bros has proven it’s hard to make superhero movies fail with Wonder Woman and Justice League – so there’s always the chance for another movie 

It’s a long shot, but there is hope for Justice League 2 in the future. So to be updated about its release, stay tuned to our blogs. 

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