Will There Be A Strange World 2? Shocking Updates Out

With Strange World coming out, the fans are going crazy. They are craving more. So, will there be A Strange World 2? Here is all we know. 

The film Strange World, which Don Hall directed, and Qui Nguyen, who also collaborated on Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon, tells the tale of the Clades. 

Clades is a family of explorers who find a new world that alters both their perception of their own and their interactions with one another. 

Among others, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jaboukie Young-White, and Gabrielle Union lend their voices to the animated movie. 

Even though Strange World has only recently hit theaters, an animated sequel to the most recent Disney film may be on the horizon. 

Will There Be A Strange World 2?

Will There Be A Strange World 2
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Disney has not formally endorsed a sequel to Strange World, and that likelihood is decreasing. 

The animated movie Strange World, which has not been promoted as heavily as Disney’s other animated pictures, only made $800,000 in a preview. This indicated that it would not make it’s anticipated $30–40 million during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 

The cartoon is in an odd position because it came out before Avatar: The Way of the Water and after the still-dominant movie office hit Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. 

Before deciding whether to approve a sequel, Disney will probably need to recover the $180 million it spent making Strange World.

Does The First Film Set Up A Strange World 2 Plot?

Will There Be A Strange World 2
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After Strange World, Searcher Clade and Avalonia find a different way to power their colony than by using Pando, a plant-based energy source.

Ethan Clade, the son of Searcher, followed in the steps of his grandfather Jaeger, who returned to society after a 25-year absence and took up adventure.

Even if Strange World wraps up all of its main plotlines, the story might still go on by following Ethan on his new explorations as an explorer who now gathers materials besides pando. 

Now that the Clade family is aware of what lies beneath Avalonia, Strange World 2 could go deeper into the world of Avalonia and the living thing that keeps it intact.

A Strange World 2 Release Date 

Will There Be A Strange World 2

It was likely in production before the public knew the movie Strange World was first revealed in December 2021 and released in theaters almost a year later. 

It’s probable that if a Strange World sequel is announced, it won’t be published for a few more years. 

For instance, six years have passed after the release of Frozen II, and six years have passed between Ralph Breaks the Internet and Wreck-It Ralph, respectively. 

Disney’s animations follow a specific timeline, and if Strange World 2 goes forward, it might do the same. 

Although it’s impossible to predict what the movie’s future holds, a Strange World sequel is unlikely to be released anytime soon.

Strange World 2 Cast 

  • As Searcher Clade, Jake Gyllenhaal 
  • Jaeger Clade, played by Dennis Quaid 
  • Jaboukie Young-White plays Ethan Clade. 
  • Meridian Clade as Gabrielle Union 
  • Callisto Mal, played by Lucy Liu 
  • Narrator: Alan Tudyk 
  • As Diazo, Jonathan Melo 
  • Kardez is Nik Dodani. 
  • As Azimuth, Francesca Reale 

Strange World is now showing in theaters all over the world.

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