Sanditon Season 3: Will Theo James Return In The New Season? 

The absence of Sidney Parker aka Theo James in Sanditon Season 2 came out as a massive blow to the fans. All Sanditon lovers were missing the character like hell. So, with the wrap-up of Sanditon season 2, a burning question trending on social media is – Will Theo James return in the new season of Sanditon? Here is everything we know so far. 

Why Is Theo James Not In Sanditon Season 2?

Well, literature has a special place in everyone’s heart. While in the past there were legendary writers who made the people fall in love with English literature as a whole, the modern cinemas helped it reach every door. 

Will Theo James Return In The New Season

In recent times, the world-class creators are coming up with some incredible pieces with inspiration from legendary novels and books. With the craze of movies and TV series moving higher, these legendary books and novels turned out to be the most adopted library pieces of all time. 

One of those series that is based on Jane Austen’s books is Sanditon. The show has won a million hearts with the story from the books. Sanditon stood out among all other novels by Austen as the writer never had the chance to complete it due to tragic illness and eventual death. 

However, fortunately, popular creator Andrew Davies decided to bring this unfinished story to a global audience. He came up with a series, Sanditon that impressed the viewers worldwide with its compelling story and characters. While there are a bunch of royal characters in Sanditon, the love chemistry between Charlotte and Theo James’ character Sidney turned out to be something that impressed the fans in Sanditon Season 1. 

Will Theo James Return In The New Season

However, the fans got the ultimate shock of their lives when the duo parted away and Theo James did not return to the second season of Sanditon. In an interview, James said, “Although I relished playing Sidney, for me. I have always maintained that his journey concluded as I wanted it to.” He further added, “The broken fairytale-like ending between Charlotte and Sidney is different, unique and so interesting to me and I wish the cast and crew every success with future series.” 

So, does this mean Theo James will not return as Sidney anytime soon? Here is everything you need to know. 

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Will Theo James Return In The New Season?

Will Theo James Return In The New Season

While the fans are craving to see Sidney back on screen, the thought that Theo James may not step into the scene in Sanditon Season 3 is haunting them. Though the chemistry between Charlotte and Sidney initially appeared astonishing to the fans, later in the series the viewers were left with utter heartbreak. 

Theo James as Sidney parted his ways from Charlotte as he moved on with his ex-lover. Therefore, the fans were incredibly excited to see what season 2 brings for Theo James’ character. However, all of a sudden the fan-favorite character left the scene without even a proper explanation. 

Will Theo James Return In The New Season

Though James has revealed that at this point in time he has no intentions to return to the show soon, the fans are expecting a bigger twist. Sidney was their first love of Charlotte. Therefore, a proper closure is needed between the two, so that Charlotte can move on with her new lover. So, the fans believe that Sidney will be back in Sanditon Season 3 at least for one episode. 

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  1. I’m considering not watching season 3 of Sanditon because all the men are homely and could never stand up to Sidney Parker, Young Stringer and Babington

    1. I’d like to see Charlotte start seeing the Architect Man that moved to London He was very Handsome and pleasant! my wish!

      1. I believe death is closure as far as Charlotte’s needs and is trying to move on. She is a smart well grounded person and not the kind to dwell on Sydney and will find the person for her. It probably isn’t the man she is engaged to now… Someone probably will show up in season 3 that Israeli handsome and enchanting for Charlotte, but will happen just in the nick of time before her wedding or something like that… It will all be mysterious and magical when they meet! I don’t want to ruin the series for myself so I don’t dwell on Sydney coming back and sweeping her off her feet and be disappointed throughout the next season. I want to enjoy the rest of Sanditon, because love period type movies/series and will settle for whatever is in store for Charlotte, which I’m sure will be happiness!

        1. I agee, also . Theo Janes has been written off and I loved his character when he was on. But move on Sanditon is great so let’s just enjoy and see what happens next. Can’t wait for Season 3

          1. I do NOT agree! Without Sydney I have little interest as all current male characters are lackluster and boring.

  2. I would love to see Mr. Theo James come back to Sanditon Season 3:: He could come back after the war as a spy or before..Ilove mystery, excitement that’s what to me keep people like me interested.

  3. I adore all Jane Austen and Sanditon as expected did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed both seasons which I’ve binged over the weekend
    However. Im Heartsick at the death of the handsome Sidny Parker. He’s a talented actor other than being eye candy. So please please bring him back;even as a ghost.!

  4. I miss Sidney on the show. If Charlotte can’t have Sidney then she should get together with Mr.Colbuorn.

  5. Theo, Theo, Theo, why did you leave? You two made a perfect pair. It’s just not the same without you. I’ll continue to watch it, but begrudgingly.

    1. I love the show. Loved the incredible screen chemistry between Theo and Rose. That kiss was the absolute most beautiful screen kiss ever. You could feel the love. I was shocked when Theo decided to leave the show.. sure the writers were angry and changed the happily ever after to the worst possible ending for Sidney. They could have had Charlotte and Sidney marry and then have Sidney go tothe W. Indies on Georgianas behalf. ThenTheo could have been written out. But at least they would have some happiness. Badly done Theo…badly done.

      1. I totally agree! None of the men in Season 2 come close to the chemistry between Charlotte & Sidney. They’re all dogs in comparison; definitely not worthy of her attention, much less her love. Get a grip, guys! Get Theo James back no matter what it takes. Also, Theo was wrong in his reasoning about why Charlotte would be fine & eventually move on. No way! If Sidney isn’t returning then neither am I!

  6. Jane Austen always ended with the heroine getting her happy ending, however cheesy it might appear to some. If Thei doesn’t return, then it’s really not a Jane Austen ending. 🙁

  7. I would Love to see Theo James character Sidney return to Sandition.Writers ,an idea, it was actually Sidney Aid who died in Antigua, Sidney was actually captured in Antigua, and his Aid was found with Sidney’s…belongings, and were thought to be him (Sidney).But Sidney get away escape, and with Him (Sidney), is Ms Lambs mother.

    1. Yes, my thoughts exactly, no one is more perfect than Theo James. It could happen just that way! Charlotte,Georgiana, and all of us fans would be soooo happy with that happy ending.!

  8. Just Bring Young Stringer back… He is as handsome as the others. And her didn’t die off. They could rekindle their friendship, and become great love!!!! I feel Stringer will prove Himself as a great romantic, yet strong, hardworking ladies man, as well as a real mans man. Someone all people would be able to relate to.

  9. I think Sidney should come back and that someone else died in his place, and he was missing due to some circumstance. As for Charlotte, none of the men can fill Sidney’s shoes. Jane Austin is known for happiness endings with some drama. Stick to the unspoken script and give the fans a happy ending.

  10. I’d like to see Charlotte start seeing the Architect Man that moved to London He was very Handsome and pleasant! my wish!

  11. I was very disappointed when Sidney went away and was killed offscreen. The situation was made even worse when Charlotte’s potential suitors were not only creepy and annoying, but look much too old for her. I stopped watching season 2 by the fourth episode.

  12. Very disappointed that Sidney left.. Don’t like her present ‘boss’. Besides being a bore, he is not good looking. THIS TYPE SHOULD BE DARKER – CAN BARELY READ IT!

    1. Adieu to Theo James! A new love interest will be introduced for sure. Why can’t one find an actor willing to commit to multiple seasons? Certain there are many actors who would love to join Sanditon!

  13. I was so hurt and angry at how the show abruptly killed Sidney off !! If he can come back it would be great. I’m watching the Show on my DVD 1st season over and over again now.

    1. If you do not bring Sydney back, then bring back Stringer, he is a cutie as well and Charlotte liked him.

  14. I trust I am not the only person romantically moved by James Theo’s acting abilities. He always brings one to that pivotal moment to believe in the character he represents. I usually delight in a happy ending, but I’m equally satisfied with Sidney’s departure. It definitely left the heart broken for both characters..

  15. I was

    I am sadden the Sidney was killed off, but not to bring Stringer back makes it even worst.

  16. Please bring Sidney back. Think what Jane Austen would have wanted. Please do it to honour Jane Austrn’s memory, without whom there would never have even been a Sanditon series.
    Charlotte’s relationship with Sidney was magical and mesmorising and had viewers literally glued to the screen. The campaign was why season 2 existed.
    Please, in these gloomy rimes, we want to want to see a true happy ending. For me Colbourne isn’t that…we hardly saw Charlotte smile in season 2 because her heart still years for her true love and that is Sidney.
    Please get Theo because Theo is Sidney, not any imposter.

  17. Theo James should come back and finish what he started, so Sidney can marry Charlotte. That is the only acceptable ending. Let Colburne find his children another mother that he does not think is beneath him. Eliza is perfect for Colburne.

  18. Jane Austen would never bring a major character ” back from the dead.” It is not how she writes. Also Sidney was married still as far as we know,; he has a Widow and perhaps a child. Bring him back would not do well. .

    1. I find Colbourne (sp) to be handsome in an intriguing way. Unusual. Theo is handsome in the traditional sense.

    2. I agree Millicent. I feel like Alexander Colbourne is a man with a heart that thinks about others n seems to b the one getting hurt. As with his first wife, Lucy, he let her do what she wanted n it ended up causing him much pain. I don’t think he realized what Lucy might of been going thru n let her go to find herself. But to his mistake n hers. If she had of been the kind of woman that deeply loved her man she would of been running bk into his arms instead of another man when her love had been pledged to another. For a man(Colbourne) to take the child n raise it as his own I consider a great man n I’m sure he thought about the child when he did that knowing the Colonel would b dragging the child from town to town n probably having to leave her with ppl she didn’t know. Some of these ppls answer amaze me when I read them. GOD bless this actor. I think he did a fantastic job. I believe Charlotte n he will unite bcuz he was only thinking about her n the end.

      1. Totally agree, Sidney too much of a self absorbed glamor boy. Married money, Sense and Sensibility all over again

  19. I have some good advice for Charlotte where Mr. Cologne is concerned. Run!! He is always parsing and mincing words. He doesn’t regret what he said but may regret how she took his words, or he regrets the circumstances but not his intent, or that’s not what those words mean, or …Charlotte sweetheart, run. He will always deflect responsibility for his behavior. Go find kind, gentlemanly Mr. Stringer and marry him. He has integrity.

  20. I like Alexander as a match for Charlotte. Sidney seemed too self absorbed as most extremely good-looking men are. Pretty cheesy to marry for money to save the farm. If he came back he’d still be married. Alexander’s love is a true love, he let her go to keep her from getting hurt. His motive was not money, status or ego. Always felt Sidney felt attracted to Charlotte but also felt he was her superior, not an equal. Partly because of age difference Charlotte was too young and too immature for this match to begin with.

  21. I find the attraction between Charlotte and Colbourne very strong. They have both lost a love to death and are suffering emotionally. Charlotte has brought about healing and an open heart to Colbourne. He is enamored of her independent spirit and her deep attachment to his daughter and niece. I could see them happily married. Can’t wait to find out why Charlotte has become engaged to Ralph.

  22. I absolutely loved Season one of Sanditon. Season 2, well nowhere near as intriguing as 1. I hope Theo James returns or someone as handsome and dreamy as Sidney. Season 3 really needs to be as wonderful as Season 1. I really want to keep watching.

  23. I agree, Sidney, Stringer and Babbington were the most intriguing of the lot. However, it wouldn’t bother me to see Edward leave – poor Esther. I guess there has to be a villain. I’ll continue to watch as I adore most of the characters. I would love for Sidney to return to fight for Charlotte. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Young Stringer again.

  24. I am in agreement with most of the comments. I don’t know who picked the leading men, but they failed. Not dashing enough and they fell flat. Bring back Stringer the Architect. He qualifies as dashing and romantic. Thought liked Theo, and there definately was a chemistry, I think the Architect can easily replace him. Sanditon was sadly lacking in chemistry. Please don’t bring back those leading men. Sorry, Don’t mean to disparage them, but they most definately did not suit.

  25. I am à big Sanditon fan however right from the beginning of season 1 the one true romantic match should have Charolett and Stringer not Sydney. Two I am in agreement the season 2 plot off Ester beginning separated from Lord Babbington made no sensé. They should have found another actor to ah both Babbington and Stringer. The two actors who played their rôles to perfection.but both actors were busy with other projects. Leo Stutter is now playing à Viking on a Netflix show and Mack Stanley is also busy. As for Theo James he is done and doesn’t want to return and he just always seemed bored and pissed off. The bottom line is unless à new actor is found to play Stringer then Charolett Haywood will marry Farmer Ralph Starling. However I hope not because Charolett is marrying for duty to family and money not love. I thought Charolett Haywood had the best chemertry with both Stringer and Alexander Colburon.

  26. Season 2 is a mess. The whole storyline seems rushed and not well thought out. It feels like we wanted a Season 2 so badly, after reports that there would not be one, they just threw something together. The story lines don’t make any sense. Babbington gone, Sidney dead. I agree bring Stringer back if Theo can’t return. The only reason people were begging for 2 is because of the love story between Sidney and Charlotte. No one wants to see this mess.

  27. I just wanted to say that I really don’t like the fact that Sydney was written out. Why couldn’t it be that he changed his mind about marrying his former love for money and just get the money from Ms. Lambe. That would solve the whole problem. Re-write the episodes people. Bring Theo back.

  28. Neither of the two new gentlemen can replace Sidney . The show is not the same. Without hi and Charlotte together I’ll tell you this if he does come back to reunite with her you’ll see ratings like never before.

  29. I too was very disappointed and some what Disturbed to see that Sydney would not be back in season 3 I think that Charlotte is heart broken and she is not thinking right and in doing so has let herself believe that she is attracted to those other (2) clowns that can’t hold a candle to Sydney please if at all possible do whatever you need to do to get Theo James back. I’m HEARTBROKEN 😭

  30. If Charlotte is marring Ralph I’m not interested and Sidney is dead, so can we just move on. While Sidney is HOT that shipped sailed. Alexander is fine and I like the way they play off each other.

  31. I keep hoping Sidney will return in Season 3! Some kind of mixup and intrigue about who was in that coffin. Perhaps Charlotte is betrothed to another man and there can be drama around that. But in the end, their chemistry is undeniable and true love will win out!

  32. Sanditon really blew it when Theo James left. No one can fill his shoes. OFFER THEO MORE MONEY TO COME BACK!!!

  33. Sanditon season 2 such a disappointment without Sydney, (Theo James). The new characters they introduced are boring and ugly. Season 1 was such a hit because of the Charlotte/Sydney romance. If Theo James doesn’t return for season 3, there is no reason to watch it

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