Did Sidney Really Die In Sanditon? Will Theo James Return In Sanditon Season 3?

Will Theo James return in Sanditon Season 3? Creators finally opened up on the future of Theo James as Sidney Parker. Here is all we know. 

Just before the debut of Sanditon Season 2, there were a bunch of rumors looming around the social media revealing Sidney’s absence in the new season. However, when the rumors turned out to be true, the fans were broken into pieces. 

While the show creator, Justin Young revealed that Season 2 will definitely address the absence of Theo James as Sidney, the new season did as he said. But, it drop a shock that left the fans stunned. Season 2 premiere revealed that Sidney is dead. 

Will Theo James Return In Sanditon Season 3
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So, did Sidney die? Or the creators are simply playing with the emotions of the audience? Moreover, the main question rolling around the fan forums and social media is – Will Theo James return in Sanditon Season 3? Here is everything we know so far. 

Did Sidney Die In Sanditon? 

Well, yes, Sidney was revealed as dead in the first episode of Sanditon. While the characters’ absence in season 2 haunted the fans, ultimately the story reveals that Charlotte’s first love is dead due to yellow fever during a trip to Antigua. 

One of the charming elements of Sanditon that attracted the fans is the incredible chemistry between Charlotte and Sidney. In Season 1, the duo pushed the audience on a ride to edge-dropping emotion, love, romance, and separation. While the fans were craving to see how the story rolls in after Sidney departs from Charlotte, actor Theo James came up with the ultimate shock. 

Will Theo James Return In Sanditon Season 3
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He decided to leave the show after one season. When the show creator Justin was questioned on why did Theo leave Sanditon, he said, “Theo made it very clear he did not want to come back, so we had to think how to engage with that.” 

However, this statement ignited a counter-question – why did Sidney die in Sanditon? Why would the creators kill such a fan-favorite character? They could have recast the character of Sidney. 

Well, to this the creator replied, “Obviously, we could not recast because that would have destroyed the integrity of our world. It would be implausible. So we thought we need to make clear to the audience right from the beginning that he’s not coming back. And need to let the audience grieve along with Charlotte.” 

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Will Theo James Return In Sanditon Season 3?

Will Theo James Return In Sanditon Season 3
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While the show has already announced that Theo James’ character Sidney Parker is dead, the fans simply cannot move on. Right from the revelation in Sanditon Season 2 premiere episode, one single question is trending on social media – Will Theo James return in Sanditon Season 3? 

Well, the answer is a big no, as of now. Though this may be heartbreaking for the fans, this is what the actor has revealed. Moreover, the show producer, Belinda Campbell opened up on this matter. He said, “Theo had other opportunities, and he decided not to come back.” 

Will Theo James Return In Sanditon Season 3
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He further added, “I think in fairness, his statement about responding to the broken love story aspect of it, I think he genuinely felt that. He felt that it was an original and exciting end, and he was happy to leave it there.” So, with these statements coming out it seems Theo James is not returning as Sidney Parker in Sanditon, not anytime soon. 

What do you think will Theo James return in Sanditon Season 3? Tell us in the comment box. Make sure to stay tuned as we will be sharing hot updates on Sanditon Season 3 regularly. 

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13 thoughts on “Did Sidney Really Die In Sanditon? Will Theo James Return In Sanditon Season 3?”

  1. I Loved Sanditon Season 1
    All Of Jane Austen’s Words
    1 Hated Sanditon Season 2
    This Writer Does Not Understand At All Jane Austen’s Work As A Writer
    It Did Not Make Any Since
    I Am Not Planning At All Watching Season 3
    But I Will If Only
    Sidney Parker Comes Back and He Is Not Dead

  2. Le seul amour de Charlotte c’est Sidney c’est aussi le seul héros de Jane Austen. Faite une refonte de Sidney c’est la seule fin pour moi

  3. I have written a beautiful, exciting ending with our true hero Sydney Parker. In my dreams, he returns! It will warm hearts ❤️ around the world. If I can come up with this exciting end, I know Justin can too💖 ! It’s like Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp. Please 🙏 be real and admit we all felt the heat and the love between our beautiful Charlotte and our dark brooding Sydney. It’s why women read romance novels, and why we watch love stories. We get. enough reality everywhere else. Please 🙏 write Sydney back, it’s a story as old as time eternal.

  4. The colonel, if Colbourne, would have been amazing. But Colbourne will likely be her husband….no one else could take her away now that she’s engaged to Ralph. If Sidney came back, he’s still married anyway. I loved season 2;and look forward to 3.

  5. Theo James is irreplaceable. I’m guessing he was denied a pay raise and had better offers. Shame on whoever allowed this to happen. Renegotiate and bring him back or the production will lose its place in history.

  6. I still would like them to bring back Theo James. He was wonderful and really was it’s heart along with Charlotte.

  7. Here r 2 broken hearts that have found love again I believe Colbourne is a wonderful man and his hiding his feelings bcuz of Lennox taunting him, which neither man could make Lucy happy n she has passed n caused both to feel like they weren’t up to par for her standards if so she would of only chosen 1 n stuck with him I think we have 1 man with a broken heart n another selfish n his own right to b with another man’s wife N that day n time it would of been considered appalling even thou it’s been going on for centuries I hope Alexander n Charlotte find happiness together n if Sydney does return she’ll realize she’s got the right man that truly loves her

  8. I was so disappointed with season 2 because Theo James did not return. How could the writers, producers etc. cast someone like Theo James in the first place. I can’t imagine that they didn’t realize how disappointed we would be having Theo James killed off after 1 season. They should have made it clear in season 1 that he would not be returning. I watched season 2 and waited for Sydney to walk back in to Charlotte’s life. The cast of men in season 2 were not what I would consider to be a romantic partner for Charlotte. They were an “odd” lot of male love interests for the women in Sandition. Season 2 was so disappointing due to this lack of romantic/sexual chemistry between Charlotte and any of her suitors. I felt such a void when season 2 was over. The only man in season 1 that may entice me to watch season 3 would be if the young architect came back rich and CONFIDENT. He can’t take Theo James’ place but at least he’s pleasing to look at and he and Charlotte had some chemistry. Without a suitable love interest for Charlotte I won’t invest my time or emotion to. future seasons. Given all the viewers have gone through in real life, we need a fantasy to forget about wars, death, food shortages etc. Just make us happy!!

  9. I feel the actor who played Theo acted in a highly self-serving way and truly effected Sandition in a negative way. I learned a lot about his commitment level. What ever he is in, in future does not interest me.


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