Will Ms Marvel Become An Avenger Or Not? 

The new Disney+ Marvel series Ms Marvel takes Kamala Khan into the MCU, and now the heroine will finally get to interact with some familiar faces — including Spider-Man. 

But will Ms Marvel become an Avenger any time soon in the franchise? Well, that is the question every marvel fan is asking right now. This article will tell you what we think about this question.

The debut of Ms Marvel in MCU

Will Ms Marvel Become An Avenger
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Marvel’s publishing line is now full of new additions to the Marvel universe. In the Marvel universe, Ms Marvel is a prominent new character. 

Following the closing chapter of Avengers: Endgame, which featured many notable Marvel heroes, it’s clear that the MCU is transitioning into a new focus on characters instead of movies and shows.

Kamala Khan, the popular Marvel Comics character from the “Ms Marvel.” series, has been added to the roster of the Avengers in Marvel’s latest series, Ms Marvel. 

It’s great to see this character leap from comics to film. Ms will be a great way to showcase superheroes that are much different from those we’ve seen. 

Kamala Khan is an icon of modern culture. Because she’s Muslim, Pakistani-American, and a woman, there are many great things about Ms Marvel! The critics and writers who champion diversity pointed out many of those things.

But will Ms Marvel become an Avenger? Fans are curious to know about it.

Will Ms Marvel Become An Avenger? 

Will Ms Marvel Become An Avenger
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As one of the most prominent and cherished superheroes created in recent memory, Ms Marvel is the most crucial figure in Marvel history since Iron Man. 

But fans will have to wait a little longer to see her pop up in the Marvel cinematic universe. 

Ms Marvel’s debut series is one of the cornerstone titles within Disney Plus’ launch lineup but won’t tie into the MCU as a whole. 

As ComicBook exclusively revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic-con: Future Fight panel, Kamala Khan will not be joining the Avengers anytime soon – but she will be attending school at MIT alongside Tony Stark’s genius daughter, Amadeus Cho.

Will Ms Marvel Become An Avenger
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Ms Marvel is about to be launched into the spotlight. As one of the most diverse superheroes in comics, she’s a favorite among fans, and her upcoming movie will help bring her story to a much wider audience. 

Like other MCU heroes before her, Ms Marvel hasn’t found her true calling in the comics just yet — but the promise of an exciting future ahead of her means she’ll be saving the world sooner rather than later.


The movie studio’s treatment of Kamala Khan mirrors the treatment of the character in Marvel’s comics. 

While the MCU is known for taking creative liberties and moving characters in different directions, it is safe to say that Kamala Khan will be part of at least some superhero team soon. 

But will Ms marvel become an Avenger? It’s very soon to say about that. Don’t forget to share what you think about the topic. Your comments will encourage us to write more on such topics.

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