Will 1899 Have A Season 2? Netflix Dropped Big Update!! 

Netflix is continuing its rampage of creating insane series. Every month it’s adding new exclusive shows to its library of rich content. So, with the new blockbuster series, 1899 coming out, the fans are craving more. So, will 1899 have a season 2? Here is all we know. 

1899 Is One Of Netflix’s Biggest Creations

Will 1899 Have A Season 2
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The new Netflix original series 1899 follows a group of refugees as they make their way from London to New York.

The character of Maura Franklin (Emily Beecham) sets out to find her lost brother, whom she thought might be on the Prometheus. 

Fans are interested in learning more about the show’s future because the series finale delivered a shocking discovery regarding Prometheus. 

The great minds behind Dark, the suspenseful German Netflix Original, are behind the newest mystery hit, 1899. After watching all eight episodes, you might wonder if this has been renewed or canceled. 

Will 1899 have a season 2? Here is all we know. 

Will 1899 have a season 2?

Will 1899 Have A Season 2
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The network has not yet announced the second season of 1899 as of November 2022. 

Any news or updates about a potential second-season renewal seem too soon for any significant network to make such vital statements in such a short time, given that the program just finished its first season a few hours ago. 

Fans should thus be patient as they wait for Netflix to correctly confirm and accept this information over the next few days. 

As much as we appreciate your desire to find out what happens next in the story, you should be aware that the network may evaluate the show’s popularity and performance before deciding to continue it for additional seasons. 

Viewers discover that the ship the passengers are on is a manufactured illusion rather than a real ship as the series continues. 

Because he was obsessed with the idea that everyone sees reality differently, Maura’s father conducted psychological experiments on her. 

Daniel (Aneurin Barnard) and Elliot, the mysterious man and youngster Maura had gone to meet, were her husband and son, it was revealed toward the end of the series (Fflyn Edwards). In the series conclusion, it was revealed that Maura and Daniel had built the simulation to keep their dying son alive indefinitely. They were in space, aboard a spaceship when Maura opened her eyes and peered out the window.

1899 Season 2 Release Date & Time 

Will 1899 Have A Season 2
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The network has not officially confirmed the series, the anticipated launch date has not been acknowledged, and the status is irrelevant. 

We expect the prospective release date to occur sometime in or around November 2023 if the show is renewed in a few weeks like it was for the previous season. 

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