Why Thor Love and Thunder Gorr Wants To Kill The Gods?

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With the new flick of the Marvel Cinematic Universe hitting the screen, the fans have been all gaga about Thor Love and Thunder Gorr. While the fans who are familiar with the comics know the reason behind Gorr’s intentions, many are wondering why Thor Love and Thunder Gorr is up to killing the Gods. Here is all we know. 

Gorr’s Intentions

Thor Love and Thunder Gorr
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In the recent release by the MCU world, one of the most dangerous foes that Thor has faced is Thor Love and Thunder Gorr, played by Christian Bale. All gods’ lives are in a state of jeopardy as Gorr is up on a God-killing spree with the powerful All-Black Necrosword. 

In this movie, we witness how the Marvel Comics character Gorr hates gods and is on a mission to kill them all. His journey of how he slaughters numerous gods in the entire Marvel Universe gives us jitters. 

Thor Love and Thunder Gorr – Why The Hate??

Thor Love and Thunder Gorr
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Why is the villain of Thor: Love and Thunder Gorr, the God Butcher, doing evil things and is of such a destructive nature? Why is he lashing out at every God? What is the reason behind so much destruction and madness!! 

As per the movie plot, Gorr believes that he is killing the hypocrite Gods, who once hurt him and now are being hurt by him. So he truly trusts his actions and justifies them in his mind. 

Gorr, The God Butcher, strongly believed that the Gods were supposed to protect the ones who served them. The Gods were obligated to do so with their superpowers and abilities. 

Thus, the Gods were only the ones to be blamed for all the tragedies their followers had to face. When his daughter dies, Thor: Love and Thunder Gorr continues to believe in Gods but soon learns that Rapu, his God, did not care for his people, and there was no “eternal reward” for his followers who struggled. 

Gorr is broken when the God Rapu tells him that people like Gorr only existed to serve and worship gods like him, and even if Gorr and people like him died, there would be others to replace them. 

The worst was when Gorr watched his daughter die because of no water, but abundant food and water surrounded his God. This was the birth moment of hatred in Thor: Love and Thunder Gorr for his God Rapu and all like him. 

The Ulterior Motive

Thor Love and Thunder Gorr
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Thor Love and Thunder Gorr’s utmost desire to kill all gods, which seems to be the center plot of the entire movie, is an ulterior motive. The main twist comes during the end of the film when the actual intention of Gorr is revealed as he was interested in getting access to the Bifrost via Stormbreaker. 

After killing many gods in the most horrific ways possible, Gorr fights with Thor to gain access to the Stormbreaker. The Bifrost could open the portal to the cosmic being Eternity, where Thor: Love and Thunder Gorr could kill all gods in existence with his one wish. 


It was only because of the love for humanity that Gorr saw in the heart of Thor that he changed his views and perception. Had that not been the case, Gorr would have killed all the gods .. the thought of which is also very terrifying to us!! 

We are glad Thor and his love for humanity saved the gods from the ultimate foe Thor: Love and Thunder Gorr.

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