Why Thor looks so different in Thor Love and Thunder?

Recently, there were a lot of discussions online about why Thor looks so different in Thor Love and Thunder trailer. Some people seem to think it is to maintain the image we have seen before in the Endgame, while few believe that the reason for the difference is profound & pre-planned. 

Well, there are some theories as to why this might be true. So, in this article, we’ll be discussing why Thor looks so different in Thor Love and Thunder

What differences are the fans noticing?

Why Thor looks so different in Thor Love and Thunder
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Thor: Love and Thunder will transform Chris Hemsworth’s Thor from Fat Thor to Fit Thor, losing a lot of weight in the process and ending a long journey that began with Avengers: Endgame. 

Fat Thor is no more. It even shows that the God of Thunder is working to return to his former glory. 

Thor’s transformation from Dad Bod to God Bod is the subject of the Thor: Love and Thunder movie revealed in the second trailer.

But, why Thor looks so different in Thor Love and Thunder trailer? Here is all we know. 

Let’s understand what was the reason for Thor’s changes before Endgame!!

Why Thor looks so different in Thor Love and Thunder
Credit – Screenrant.com

Beginning with Thanos’ assault on the last Asgardian survivors and Loki’s death and concluding with Thor’s failure to kill Thanos before he could Snap, “Avengers: Infinity War” was a challenging task for Thor. 

In Avengers: Endgame, following these incidents, Thor exhibited severe symptoms of PTSD and depression, including significant weight gain. 

Thor: Love and Thunder appear to take a more sincere approach to Thor’s mental health and personal journey with depression, a decision that garnered a lot of criticism. 

Why Thor look so different in Thor Love and Thunder? 

After lifting Mjölnir again in the Endgame, Thor realizes he is still worthy of saving the world, and this was the exact moment where he regained his mental control. 

Thor’s switch to his fit, muscular form in Thor 4 seems to correspond with his desires after Avengers: Endgame and his return to his usual strong self appears to signify that he is recovering from his breakdown.

Through his role as a Guardian, Thor has learned about himself, come to terms with his guilt, and separated himself from the Asgardian prophecies that seem to define his destiny.

Thor: Love and Thunder is left to explain the transformation, which is rather sweet, despite any plans that may have seen him ditch the fat Thor look in Guardian of galaxy Volume 3.


Thor is probably the most balanced character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He can be both benevolent and badass, but only when he’s allowed to be. 

Now that he’s settled down, he has much more to lose. And with Gorr The God Butcher taking center stage in Thor: Love and Thunder, there’s a chance that everything he has built will crumble. 

With Thor: Love and Thunder introducing Gorr The God Butcher, it seems the villain will play a huge role in nearly killing Thor at last. 

But what will happen if he successfully defeats Thor? The story of Thor 4 is all ready to be one of the most exciting stories from the MCU yet! 

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