Here’s Why Theo James Will Never Return To Sanditon? Real Reason Will Shock You!! 

Period dramas have always been the center of attraction in the entertainment world. They are always fun, cozy, romantic, and entertaining for the fans. They have always been the gates to escapism from the horrors of the world. However, there are very few period dramas that hooked up the audience and continued to be the brightest lights in the world of entertainment. 

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When it comes to some jaw-dropping period drama shows, one name we can’t miss out on is Sanditon, the Netflix blockbuster. It’s a brand new Jane Austin adaptation that made her fans go crazy. While the story of the half-written book is something that attracted many viewers, the cherry on the cake was the addition of Theo James to the cast. It was a big surprise for the fans. 

Sanditon Season 1 was a complete blessing for the fans as Theo James was all around. However, suddenly after a bombastic season 1, the actor decided to quit. He decided to leave the show and it left the fans in tears. But why did he actually leave Sanditon? Was it his own interest or he was forced to do so? Here is the real reason behind Theo James’ exit from the Sanditon franchise!! 

Why did Theo James leave Sanditon?

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Even though it’s been years, still the fans are trying to investigate the real reason why Theo James left Sanditon. After the first season, James said, “Although I relished playing Sidney, for me, I have maintained that his journey concluded as I wanted it to.”

The interesting thing is the fact that his wife is still in the show as the wife of Sydney, which compels the fans to believe that James has no issues with the series and he truly believes that this was the proper ending for his character. 

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However, it seems the writers were not prepared for Theo James’ exit as they struggled to fill the gap his character left. According to Chris Marshall, who plays Tom Parker in Sanditon, “James’ departure does not necessarily mean that Sydney Parker is absent in the series. He is still there. Obviously, you know you could take that it’s quite a brutal end of the character, but it draws a line under it as well so if you carry on you go okay!!” 

So, what do you think will Sidney Parker return to Sanditon in the future? If yes, how? Tell us in the comment box!! 

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