Why Isabel May As Elsa Dutton May Leave Yellowstone 1883? Is Elsa Dead In 1883?

With the first season of Yellowstone 1883 wrapping off, the fate of Elsa Dutton played by Isabel May is not yet revealed. The fans are left on a shivering note after the tragic climax of the 1883 series. 

So, will Isabel May leave 1883 as Elsa Dutton? Or will we see her back on our screens? Here is everything we know so far. 

Isabel May
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Why Isabel May Left 1883 As Elsa Dutton?

Yes, Elsa Dutton is dead and we need to accept this harsh truth. By the end of Yellowstone 1883 season 1, the Paramount drama series confirmed that its lead character Elsa is dead after she was shot with an arrow. But why did Isabel May leave the prequel? Here is all you need to know. 

Isabel May
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Is Elsa Death In 1883?

Elsa Dutton is one of the most-loved characters from 1883. So, why the series did not capitalize on her popularity? Why did it turn her to such a terrible fate? Unlike other show leads who manage to survive even the deadliest incidents, why did 1883 choose to kill Elsa Dutton?

Isabel May
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Well, the reason behind it is pretty simple, Elsa’s story is a self-contained arc, which implies that it was a creative decision to eliminate her character from the scene. Her death branches the story to a new turn where we will see Montana as the site for the Yellowstone ranch.

However, one of the hot questions that are trending is will Elsa continue to narrate the story, even after death? Well, the answer is not clear. However, as per the fan theories, Elsa has been narrating the story from the grave this whole time. So, it’s pretty much possible.

Therefore, though Isabel May left the scene as Elsa, we will be hearing her incredible narration skills in the upcoming seasons. 



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  1. I think it was the worst decision to kill off Elsa. I’m mad and heartbroken, I really admired her character and wanted to her live a long life. Yellowstone, I don’t like the series. It would have been better to continue 1883 and drop Yellowstone. 🙁

    1. Yellowstone was written to portray and evolution in time of people whose desire to be powerful and shove their lifestyle off on to others, at least that’s as I understand it, and turn the valley into a tourist trap and the farmers ranchers don’t want that but it’s being forced upon them.

    2. I hate Yellowstone and its soap opera thingy it has like Dallas back in the early 80’s or just any soap opera. So many of my friends and family and I love Kevin but not rest of the characters who make it a SOAP OPERA

  2. I will not watch Season 2 without Elsa! She was the best actor/actress on the show! Sam Elliott is great but the others are just mediocre to bad! I will just move on to the next Series of 1932.

  3. We love Yellowstone and watched every Season up to date, I loved 1883 and sadden they killed Elsa off but I will continue to watch Season 2 since we love Western Shows

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