Why Is One Piece Shanks So Powerful?

Hello Anime Fans,

There’s something about anime fans and that is they’re so incredibly loyal to the cast. Why? Because they love them so much. Anime films are so interesting and how much fun and thrilling it is to watch them!

If you are a One Piece fan, one thing that must have stunned you is the limitless abilities of One Piece Shanks. But why is he so powerful? Here is all we know. 

Something about One Piece 

One Piece Shanks

As everyone knows One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s shonen manga weekly magazine Weekly Shonen jump since July 1997, with its individual chapters compiled into 103 tankobon volumes as of August 2022. It’s an adventure series that has a very huge fanbase! 

Ah, what comes to your mind when you hear the word One Piece Shanks?

Shanks Red Haired is a legendary and oh-so-mighty pirate in the Grand Line. Oh yes, he being the Captain of the Red-haired pirate crew and also one of the four emperors in the second half of the grand line. 

Why does One Piece Shanks have a huge fanbase?

Shanks is also a tall man who’s strong and well built and has a tan complexion. He’s also a skilled swordsman who’s a Haki user. Did you know his attacks with the terrifying Haki can overwhelm most of the enemies? Also, ground-based and aerial can be used to power up his sword attacks until he’s able to use Haki. 

Is One Piece Shanks alive in the series?

One Piece Shanks
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Let us tell you Shanks is the only one who’s alive and who knows where the One Piece is. In fact, his loving and loyal fans also think that he’s the only one guarding the One Piece. 

But what about Luffy’s final battle? Shanks is the only one Yonkou, who doesn’t possess any kind of Devil Fruit Powers. Also, this separates him from the rest of the Yonkou, because all of them have the oh-so devil fruit powers. Isn’t that amazing?

We are wondering if Shanks’  appearance has been saved for the saga

Absolutely, he’s a game changer! He has such incredible powers which makes him different from everyone else. As he doesn’t have devil fruit weaknesses, he just doesn’t have to worry about anything. 

Did you know he’s a stealth master, and he also wields the powerful Gryphon blade? We are amazed to see him withstand serious injuries without any issue. He’s the best because he’s the fastest character. Also, we loved how he dueled a Mihawk. After all, he has such a mega-powerful crew behind him. He can use “Observation Killing”. 

One Piece Shanks
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Ah, looks like our lovely fanbase doesn’t want us to stop only, as One Piece Shanks is just truly the best and we have so much to talk about him. Comment below in the section which quality of Shank is your favorite. Stay tuned, we are coming back soon! Sayonara! 

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