Bitty Schram Was Forced To Leave Monk: Here’s Why?

How sad or devastated do we get when we see a cast member of any series/show leaving? 

After seeing any popular show, don’t you get attached or connected with the cast? 

At least, with us, it happens, and we are sure it will be happening with you, too. 

All over the internet, this news is just raging like fire. What made Bitty Schram leave Monk? Here is all we know. 

A bit introduction about Bitty Schram

Bitty Schram
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Elizabeth Natalie Schram is an American actress best known for playing Sharona Fleming in the television series Monk and for playing the famous role of Evelyn Gardner in the film A League of Their Own. Can you believe this gorgeous, stunning actress is 53 years old? Because it just doesn’t look like it. Bitty Schram, some beauty tips, please?

We have loved watching Bitty Schram in Monk. But what is Monk all about?

Bitty Schram
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This series follows the San Francisco Police Department Detective, who suffers from a severe nervous breakdown following the death of his wife.

Then, later when he takes a job as a private detective, he has a gorgeous nurse who’s Bitty Schram. 

She’s not only Monk’s nurse but also his assistant in a few episodes. She pushes her to do things that he wouldn’t ever try—Why don’t you have a look once at this fantastic series on Amazon Prime?

Have you ever imagined what else Bitty Schram has been in, famous for, or maybe loved for?

She’s well known for her Filmography. One Fine Day Marla (1996), Monk Sharona Fleming (2002-2009), Ghost Whisperer Jody (2009) and many more—Well, Bitty Schram, we love you in all!

After all, now let’s see why Bitty Schram had to leave Monk?

Schram left Monk midway? But why? She reportedly left the Monk through the show’s third season due to a contract dispute.

It’s said that the Producers insisted at that time that they wanted to take the show in a different direction. Which she wasn’t okay with. Let’s say; whatever triggered her exit it’s water under the bridge! 

She also tried to renegotiate her contract but was denied for a variety of factors. Some also say the producers let her go for several other reasons. 

Bitty Schram has spoken about how happy she was to return

Bitty Schram
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We can’t see Sharona leave the series halfway!! 

Bitty Schram left a note behind that she has now moved to New Jersey to remarry her ex-husband. She shared in the news how happy she was to return for an episode in the finale season. 

But what’s Bitty Schram up to after leaving Monk?

After leaving the Monk, Bitty continued winning her viewers’ hearts by acting on TV shows and movies through 2009. She also took a significant screen hiatus until a small role in a film in 2016. It’s known that she hasn’t acted on stage or screen after that—Strange, huh?

We are going to miss you, Bitty Schram 

This news is sad. But we all know, she has done spectacular work till now, and we wish her all the very best for future endeavors! Stay tuned for more such updates! 

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