Why 1883 Killed Elsa Dutton? Will We See Elsa In 1883 Season 2? 

1883 season 1 dragged the audience into a journey of adventure, emotion, and jaw-dropping action. Though the series ultimately turned super entertaining for the fans, the death of its main character, Elsa Dutton brought tears to many eyes.

Elsa Dutton
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So, why did the show choose to eliminate such a super popular character, and are there any chances of her returning to the scene? Here is everything we know so far. 

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Why 1883 Killed Elsa Dutton’s Character? 

Well, breaking a million hearts 1883 season 1 has finally wrapped up, and it makes the end of an adventurous journey. Yes, the journey to the Paradise Valley has reached its climax, and it’s now time to turn the page to a new chapter. 

1883 season 1’s climax has killed one of the most loved characters of the show, Elsa Dutton. We witnessed her painful death after being hit by an arrow. Though death is tragic, the show must go on and it seems Elsa’s death will help the story to branch into a new chapter. 

Elsa Dutton
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Elsa’s fate revealed what the family has to sacrifice in order to claim the land. So, the elimination of the main protagonist of the show allows more space for the series to stress its other characters. Elsa’s death was the destiny of the series and now it can branch to a new chapter revealing how the family started a ranching empire. 

Will We See Elsa In 1883 Season 2?

Though it’s a harsh truth that physically Elsa has left the show, the fans are curious to know will Elsa be in 1883 Season 2 as the narrator? She was not only the main protagonist of the 1883 series, but she was also the narrator who won millions of hearts. So, will she continue to narrate new episodes? 

Elsa Dutton
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Well, the answer is a bit tricky. We may find her narrating the new episodes as, during the climax of 1883 Season 1, Elsa Dutton was the one who narrated the story beyond her grave. So, she may continue to do that. Or else the show will hire a new narrator for the upcoming episodes. 

So, what do you think will we get the amazing narration of Elsa in 1883 Season 2? 

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    1. Elsa could’ve been in a coma with elevated temperature & will come back after temperature returns to normal & tells Dad that she had a dream that she died!!

  1. It’s obvious Mr. Sheridan underestimated both the popularity and impact the character Elsa would have to fans of the show. But it was too late to change the trajectory. Big mistake. They will lose viewers for the extended season one episodes already in production.

  2. We never saw her buried, so he Indian husband cour rush in at the beginning of season 2 with his medicine man to save her while her father is digging her grave.
    Please find a way to bring Elsa back. Begging!!!! 🙏

  3. It would be awesome if they could bring Isabel May back in the 1932 series as a descendant of the Dutton family

    1. Elsa will most likely speak beyond her grave but as she’s is in Spirit with Her Husband, He sat on horse when the flowers bloom Ed as previous planned waiting to meet her and as she did in spirit I take it He too was killed in action but this will be revised as their death and beyond their graves then I’d assume they ride off together i their heavenly peace.
      Breaks my heart to see both of them leave the show, but it is what it is, as in life, tomorrow is promised to no one Plus they already said they build their home on whatever land she was burried on, now going back to Yellow Stone , The Previous Generations of Duttons are already in the cemetery as is John Duttons wife and one of their sons is buried there too.
      I also think Elsa’s Indian name YELLOW Hair is representing the Dutton Ranch as her name was Elsa Dutton / Yellow Stone maybe written on her marker of death as Her parents knew Elsa took a new name from her husband as they wed. I think that where the Home got it name YellowStone and still to today is representing Els as Yellowstone/ Dutton Ranch

      1. The Yellowstone Is over runs through the Paradise valley. The River was named for the yellow stones in the canyon where the waterfall is. That’s in the National Park.

  4. The senseless killing a major star whom had many stories written around her was bad bad writing. They have lost me and a lot others. No reason can justify bad decisions in writing. NO MORE 1883.

    1. That’s just your opinion!! Maybe you should write a show and you can do what you want to do with your characters. This is what Taylor Sheridan wanted!!

  5. The best series that could go down in history as magnificent, the world needs season two and Elisa not to die while on her dads lap, weak for a very long time, but still a part of the family! When you have something so good and so big….do they realize the world loves Elsa abs this series! It’s a brilliant achievement what they have created! The writing incredible and the actors amazing at their crafts!

  6. I can’t watch anymore of 1883. I loved the show but killing off Elsa was too much. It was heartbreaking and it won’t be the same

  7. One of my best ever series. Thank you for the great story line. When Elsa died my heart was broken my eyes filled with tears. It was then I knew that it was WELL DONE! I know the next few episodes will be a well written extension of one of the best series ever written. Elsa captured many heart and if she does return in upcoming episodes it will be her spirit. Thank you again 1883

  8. Elsa’s death, while certainly tragic, dramatically punctuates the end of 1883. She simply can not return. The only character that possibly can return to 1932 after 50 years could be the young John Dutton as a 60 year old. Well, I guess there is a possibility of flashbacks to see more of our favorites and to add to the story.

    1. Elsa can narrate from the beyond until present day. Her soul not at rest until she is satisfied with the Dutton Legacy. Then Elsa can narrate the final episode of Yellowstone, and go into the light and rest in peace!

  9. Elsa was the only reason I watched the show. Now that she is gone I have no care or reason to watch any other season or iderations

  10. Let go of the character, she is dead and needs to stay dead. The story is about how the Duttons came to own The Yellowstone and characters dying in these prequels makes sense as many people died during the Oregon Trail and is essential to good storytelling. I’m looking forward to next chapter with remaining Duttons especially the then little boy John (Costner’s Grand Father) & Great Grand Father (Tim McGraw).

  11. Our family loved Elsa & her narrations of all the other characters! Why would Sheridan discontinue a beautiful character like her?

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