Who Takes Over After Queen Elizabeth II?

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We are heartily saddened by the news of the demise of Queen Elizabeth. As per the reports, Queen Elizabeth died on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at her privately-owned castle in Scotland – Balmoral Castle. 

This news came after Buckingham Palace. Sources announced that Queen Elizabeth had been placed under medical supervision a day before, and her doctors showed concern for her health. 

The media snapped the senior members of the family arriving at Scotland Castle to be with the Queen. 

The members visiting the Queen in her last moments include William, Andrew, and Elizabeth’s third son Edward, along with his wife, Sophie.  

The news of Queen Elizabeth’s demise was not a shocker for the world. The Queen has been facing health issues for the past year. The 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth took her last breath on September 8, 2022. 

The question you might be pondering is, who takes over After Queen Elizabeth?

The Royal Background

who takes over after Queen Elizabeth
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The Official head of state is the Sovereign of the United Kingdom, and now they do not play any role in the British Government.

While according to Buckingham Palace, the kings and queens undertake the constitutional and representational duties around the year along with the support of their immediate family members. 

Charles Stepping Up 

who takes over after Queen Elizabeth
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Who takes over after Queen Elizabeth? Is it Charles’ wife? 

Charles stepped up to take over some of his mother’s royal duties in the past few years. 

Also, this year, Queen Elizabeth did mention that she would prefer Charles’ second wife, Camilla, to become the queen consort and princess consort. 

This definitely hints at the Queen’s acceptance and endorsement of the couple. This couple has faced many rocky years with a not-so-widely accepted public image. 

Who takes over After Queen Elizabeth II? 

who takes over after Queen Elizabeth
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The most pondering question now among the people around is who will take the throne now!!

If we go as per facts, then:

  1. Prince William – The eldest son of Charles’ who is seen making regular public appearances along with his wife Kate on behalf of the crown, is the first in line to the throne. 
  2. Prince George – Second in line to the throne is Prince George, the eldest son of William. He has recently made his debut in the Wimbledon Finals as per the royal tradition!
  3. Princess Charlotte – The younger sibling of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, 7-year-old, is next in line to the throne. 
  4. Prince Louis – The youngest sibling of Prince George, the 4-year-old Prince Louis is fourth in line to the throne. 
  5. Prince Harry – The 37-year-old younger brother of Prince William and the second son of Princess Diana is fifth in line to the throne after William and his children. 
  6. Archie and Lillibet Mountbatten-Windsor – The children of Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan Markle are next in line to the throne. 
  7. Prince Andrew – After Charles’ children and grandchildren, it is the second son of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Andrew, who is next in line to the throne. 

And the list is long….

who takes over after Queen Elizabeth
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Final Thoughts

There was an amendment made in the Succession To The Crown Act in 2013, during the pregnancy of Kate Middleton. The amendment replaced the male preference, which meant that the eldest child, regardless of sex, succeeded to the throne. 

So now we know a few things about who takes over After Queen Elizabeth. 

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