Who Plays The Predator In Prey? Everything We Know About The Predator Franchise

Good News To the Predator Fans!! 

The official trailer for Predator 5 has just been released and is named “Prey.” It stars entirely new actors as the eponymous Predator. If you have already watched the trailer, one question must be bothering you – who plays the Predator in Prey? Here is all we know. 

The alien hunter serves as the series’ de-facto protagonist and is one of the franchise’s few constants. As a result, when the Predator’s actor switches – and Prey’s actor is a newcomer to the film series – it’s a significant event.

As we said, it is a significant event! Now the question remains who will be the Predator in the Prey?

The Predator Franchise Is Back With A Boom!! 

Who Plays The Predator In Prey
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The Predator franchise includes five prominent films, several spin-off films, video games, and more. 

The original Predator follows a group of soldiers who, while trapped in the jungles of Central America, must fight a dangerous alien whose only goal is to kill humans. 

The original Predator was incredibly successful and spawned other films that often follow a similar premise: a group of fighters trapped in the wild must fend off the Predator. Like its predecessors, Prey follows a tribe of indigenous warriors on the Great Plains who must fight the Predator, adding a more historical twist to the franchise’s usual storyline.

So, with Prey passing its glimpse, one big question coming about is – Who plays the Predator in Prey? So, here is all we know. 

Who Plays The Predator In Prey?

Who Plays The Predator In Prey
Credit – Screenrant.com

Due to the number of heavy prosthetics and the lack of voice required, actors are usually cast to play the Predator based on their physicality rather than their acting ability. 

Many actors, announcers, and stunt performers have played the Predator over the years.

But who plays the Predator in Prey? Now, Dane DiLiegro will be playing the Predator in Prey, and we are sure he will do a great job.

More About Dane DiLiegro – The Predator in Prey

Who Plays The Predator In Prey

Dane DiLiegro had roles on shows like American Horror Story, and more. In the past, he was associated with basketball. After playing four years for the New Hampshire Wildcats in college, DiLiegro spent the next eight years playing for top teams in Israel and Italy. 

DiLiegro stands 6’9″ and weighs 245 pounds, giving him the perfect frame to play massive characters like Predator. After deciding to pursue acting, DiLiegro found success reasonably quickly, landing roles such as Side Hustle in The Walking Dead, Muscle “Monster in Sweet Home,” and “Ba’al and the Scare Patrol” in American Horror Story. 

Predator fans worldwide are excited to see Dane in Prey. We are all set to see the New Predator! And we hope that this character boosts his fame for his multifaceted career. 

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