Who Plays Li On Peaky Blinders??

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After the massive hit raid of Peaky Blinders’ first six seasons, we now know that there will be no season 7 for this British Crime Drama television series. However, there are a bunch of questions looming around the fans’ minds. One of which is – Who plays Li on Peaky Blinders? So, Sassyshows is here with all details. 

Will there be Peaky Blinders Season 7? 

Who Plays Li On Peaky Blinders
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Though we all know there could be several reasons for the absence of season 7 on the cards, now we are sure that there is no more season coming up!!

It has been almost nine years since we first saw Thomas Shelby, aka Cillian Murphy, in his clean suit and a cap under which we could find different haircut styles. 

Now that season 6 is aired, the fans are all up for the wait for the feature film digging into the deep and grimy underworld of Peaky Blinders. 

All the star cast of Peaky Blinders have been associated with other series of different genres that can be googled anytime. 

The entire cast crew of Peaky Blinders has a strong back story of their careers. So, let us know now, who plays Li on Peaky Blinders? 

Who Plays Li On Peaky Blinders? 

Who Plays Li On Peaky Blinders
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The actress behind the character of Li in the sixth installment of the series Peaky Blinders is none other than Naomi Yang. She is a known face as we have seen her on the plenary of other shows. 

This year itself, she has played many roles, namely, Helena Mau in BBC One’s crime comedy “Shakespeare and Hathaway: Private Investigators” and also was seen portraying the role of Maggy in all the six episodes of the crime drama “Wolfe.” 

In case you were curious to know who plays Li on Peaky Blinder? The one who plays the role is also seen playing Miss. Malone in the drama series “Screw.” 

Who Plays Li On Peaky Blinders
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She has been portraying many other prominent roles, including that of Vivian, for three episodes in “Brave New World.” We also witness her performing the role of Miss King in the drama series “Deep Water.”

The one who plays Li on Peaky Blinders is also a part of the gaming world!!!

We all know that Naomi Yang is a well-known face, but she has also provided voice work for “Total War: Warhammer III” and the famous game “Valiant.” 

She is thus a part of the two highly in-demand games in the gaming world. 


So fandom, follow Naomi Yang, the one who plays Li on Peaky Blinders on her Twitter as she keeps on updating her new roles there!! 

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