Who Killed Sara Season 3 Unsolved This Shocking Mystery!!

The truth came at a wistful cost in Reinaldo’s institution, as Who Killed Sara Season 3’s biggest mystery got finally solved.

If you have not yet watched the third season, don’t read this as there are major Who killed Sara season 3 spoilers ahead. 

Who killed Sara Season 3 Unveils A Mystery!! 

Who Killed Sara Season 3
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Fans have been asking themselves one question for three seasons, but now the suspense is over. 

By twists, turns, and pharmaceutical controversy, Sara’s death evolved into a sensational murder mystery, but her body never turned up. 

It astounded everyone investigating her death in the last season, setting a tense conclusion. Thankfully, the Who Killed Sara Season 3 central mystery was solved, although it left a wistful taste in the mouth.

What happened to Sara? 

Sara wound up in the care of Reinaldo, a malevolent psychiatrist at a psychiatric hospital, after her accident. 

He decided to keep Sara since he was operating a clandestine scheme dubbed the Medusa Project. 

He pretended she had died and began conditioning her with dark therapies to cure her schizophrenia. Reinaldo was looking for a “cure” for homosexuality, and he hoped to study people like Sara would help him solve how to convert his gay daughter, Daniela.

On the other hand, Sara revolted, seizing a knife and murdering herself after years of captivity. She’d had enough agony and misery in her previous existence and didn’t want to be used as a test subject again.

But there was a more profound surprise involving the second girl in the lab who looked like Sara years later: Lucia.

Who was the curious Lucia? 

Who Killed Sara Season 3
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Lucia wasn’t a clone, contrary to popular belief. She was Sara’s daughter, who Reinaldo had imprisoned at the prison. 

The crazy scientist intended to set her free when she was 18, but Lucia showed signs of her mother’s desire to be set free. Fortunately, this was owing to her uncle, Lex, storming the institution.

Enraged by what had happened to his sister, he shot many people. Even his Lazcano siblings, Rodolfo and Elisa, couldn’t get Lex to calm down. 

Rodolfo was particularly hurt since, while he and Sara had a former affair, Lucia was not his; she was fathered by his vile, manipulative father, César, in yet another scandal.

Where did Reinaldo and other villains go? 

Who Killed Sara Season 3
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After all the anguish the doctor had caused, Alex winds up murdering Reinaldo in cold blood. They sent him there to cure his homosexuality after Cesar; they eventually got the third Lazcano brother, Chema, out of the facility. 

Daniela joined them on their escape, flipping the bird at a dying Reinaldo to let her father know she’d never forgive him.

César, for his part, tried apologizing by accepting responsibility for the massacre. He obtained his role as a monster to his children and supported Reinaldo, but time was running out for the Lazcano patriarch.

Due to cancer, he only had two months to live. Even though he kept Lex out of prison, everyone despised him for his crimes.

Has Rodolfo died? What happened to Lucia? 

Rodolfo was unfortunately shot and killed during the bloodbath. It was tragic, but at the very least, he died in the safety of his beloved inner circle. 

He was significantly relieved to see Lucia free, as he imagined meeting Sara in the afterlife and renewing their love. These sacrifices, however, allowed Lucia, Lex, Elisa, and Chema to step into the sunlight and begin over.


So this was all about Who killed Sara Season 3’s central mystery. Finally, the mystery is out. Now you can watch all three seasons of Who Killed Sara? on Netflix. Then let us know what you thought of the show! Stay Tuned!!

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