Who is Vecna? Meet The Badman Of Stranger Things Season 4

If you are wondering who is Vecna, we bet you will not regret reading this article. Here is all we know. 

As seen last on Twitter, Stranger Things Season 3 ended with a crazy twist that shook up the entire plot of the show so far.

Now all the viewers were just waiting for the next season. The scary and terrifying Stranger Things Season 4 volume 1 aired on 27th May, introducing the fans to the ultimate villain, Vecna. But who is Vecna, actually? 

We are sure no fans would have taken the Stranger Things Cast seriously when they told us: “Season 4 would be darker!”. 

The viewers just couldn’t believe their eyes when they were introduced to the latest villain Vecna—We love the name, what about you?

Who Is Vecna In Stranger Things? 

Who is Vecna
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We are sure everyone would be just having this thought – who is Vecna?,  as the whole internet is just about him. 

Vecna is a humanlike monster with black skin and motile veins that comes out from his entire body. It’s super scary, but we guess that’s how a monster is—Right?

Vecna can anytime anywhere reach into the physical human world exactly like the Mind Flayer’s connection with Will (We so love such connections).

Like many other Upside Down Monsters, Vecna’s name was birthed from the Dungeons and Dragons.

Right from Demogorgon, the Mind Flayer, to other stout fleshy monsters attacking Hawkins, this season is all about Vecna.

In his human form, he was the son of Victor Creel. Now, he’s a vanquished monster. Are you sobbing watching this scary creature, Vecna?

Who is Vecna
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Viewers and fans are just talking about this scary monster. He explodes their skulls and eyes, after all, he was the original child studied by Dr. Brenner.

Hence, now we see why the internet is so obsessed with this famous villain Vecna!

All those who have been binge-watching all the seasons rightly know Vecna and all about his powers. 

The newcomer monster Vecna is undoubtedly meaner, darker, shady, and more gruesome than its predecessors and is wreaking havoc on Hawkins.

So, now that you know who is Vecna, let’s explore deeper into the character. 

Well, did you know this about Stranger Things Vecna?

Who is Vecna
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Vecna stays in the Upside Down and prays on people’s past experiences, traumas, and guilt. The badman Vecna curses the victims, making them feel their past

traumas in more scary ways until it ends up killing them. He kills his target, throwing them in the air and breaking their bones into pieces.

Wrapping up

So after all “Who is Vecna?”. Be prepared to see the next few weeks’ names “Vecna” all over social media. With more than eleven thousand tweets, Vecna is already the breakout villain star of the season.

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