who is the strongest hokage? – Is NARUTO the Strongest Hokage Of All?

Is NARUTO the Strongest Hokage

Who is the strongest Hokage of all time? Is it Naruto? We all know Naruto always wanted to become the Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village but has he surpassed everyone before him and become the strongest Hokage?

Naruto vs Kakashi

who is the strongest hokage

Naruto is the Seventh Hokage of the hidden leaf village. Naruto took the baton after the Sixth Hokage Kakashi Hatake passed on the position. Naruto has to surpass many great shinobis to become the strongest Hokage. The first in that line would be his former sensei and Team 7 teacher Kakashi Hatake.

Kakashi played a crucial role in the Great Ninja War and proved himself a worthy candidate for the Hokage spot, but Is he the Strongest Hokage of all? No. Although Kakashi has mastered purple lightning in Boruto, the Copy Ninja has a long way to go to claim the Strongest Hokage spot.

Naruto vs Lady Tsunade

who is the strongest hokage

In the Pain-arc, Naruto has surpassed the fifth Hokage, lady Tsunade. Lay Tsunade is a strong lady and the granddaughter of the First Hokage Hashirama Senju. She was a part of Legendary Sannin. She possesses rehealing powers and is one of the most powerful characters of the show.

But Naruto has managed to surpass Granny Tsunade in the Pain-arc after he masters the Sage mode. But there are four more worthy and powerful Hokages remaining who can claim the Strongest Hokage spot.

Naruto vs Minato 

who is the strongest hokage

Then comes the Fourth Hokage of the Hiden leaf Village, Minato Uzumaki. Minato is also the father of Naruto and the youngest Hokage of the village. Who is more powerful in Naruto and his father, Yellow Flash of the Hidden Leaf, Minato Uzumaki? His speed even surpassed the second Hokage, Tobirama’s.

Minato was a very intelligent and dedicated shinobi, but Naruto has his never-ending chakra, thanks to his Nine-tailed friend, Kurama. He can beat Minato, his dad, at his peak.

Naruto vs Hiruzen

who is the strongest hokage

After that, there is the third Hokage of the hidden leaf, Hiruzen Sarutobi. He was the guardian and also the sensei of Minato. He was master of earth-style Justus and nobody came close to his strength.

He was the one who taught the Legendary Sannin. But after mastering the sage mode and Kurama’s Chakra, Naruto is nearly unstoppable and could defeat the third Hokage in terms of strength and power.

Naruto vs Tobirama

who is the strongest hokage

Is the second Hokage the strongest Hokage of them all? Tobirama Senju, who made Konoha’s defense system, police system, and all the facilities the village has seen. Tobirama was the most dedicated and intelligent Hokage, but when it came to power and strength, Naruto got the better of him. 

Naruto vs Hashirama

who is the strongest hokage

And comes the final question, Is the child of Prophecy (NARUTO) stronger than the God of Shinobi (HASHIRAMA SENJU)? Hashirama was the founder of the hidden leaf, along with his friend and rival for life, Madara. Hashirama is considered the god of shinobi due to his overwhelming strength and power.

Hashirama mastered the sage mode and he also possessed the healing powers so that he can heal his wounds during the battle. Hahsirama is the closest to the Strongest Hokage spot, along with Naruto.

Both present equal capabilities of becoming the strongest Hokage ever. Hahsirama went on battling with Madara and Nine tails Kurama and he came to defeat both of them. Still, Naruto in his prime can beat Hashirama as Naruto has beaten the almighty villain in the Great Ninja war, which Hashirama failed to defeat.

Naruto has always wished to be the Hokage of the hidden leaf and everyone mocked him for his impossible dream. But now Naruto has managed to biome the Hokage of the Hidden leaf village and he is the strongest of them all.

This is our opinion on the Strongest Hokages of the hidden leaf. Let us know who do you think is the strongest and can beat Naruto? Comment down your favorites for the Strongest Hokage spot.


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