Who Is Sexiest Man Alive 2022? Someone You Never Expected!! 

When it comes to action, one name we can’t forget is Captain America aka fan-favorite Chris Evans. The actor has won the hearts of Marvel fans with his incredible role. However, now, the fans have one more thing to praise Chris for. Yes!! Chris Evans is crowned the sexiest man alive in 2022 by People magazine. 

Want to know who are on the list? Read on. 

Who Is Sexiest Man Alive 2022?

who is sexiest man alive 2022
Credit – People.com

It’s none other than Chris Evans. Though we know how popular the star is and that his looks are killing a thousand females, it seems he is having some difficulty digesting the title. In a recent interview Chris said, “If you were to tell a middle school-aged Chris Evans that one day he would be titled PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive, he’d be pumped.” 

He further reveals his mom will be the happiest person on Earth to get the news. He said, “She is proud of everything I do but this is something she will definitely love to brag about.” 

Chris Evan’s Mother’s Reaction 

who is sexiest man alive 2022
Credit – koimoi.com

When Chris’ mother, Lisa was interviewed about her son’s newly acquired title, she says she is not at all surprised and it was really a proud moment for her family. Ya, her answer was short and simple!! 

Sexiest Man Alive 2022 PEOPLE’s List 

who is sexiest man alive 2022
Credit – poeple.com

At number one on PEOPLE’s list stands none other than Chris Evans. At number two stands Kendrick Lamar, the 35-year-old rapper who has won millions of hearts with his flawless art. 

At number three comes George Clooney, the 61-year-old, who now holds the record of two-time Sexiest Man. Residing at number four is none other than the super hot New York Yankees star, Aaron Judge. 

Who is in the number five spot? Can you guess? Yes!! He is none other than our favorite Batman, Robert Pattinson. The 36-year actor is ruling hearts with his incredible looks. 

The other stars on the list are – Ke Huy Quan, Jack Harlow, Jo Koy, Diego Luna, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. 

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