Who Is Richard Thomas Ozark Season 4? Here Is Everything We Know

If you have watched the latest episodes of Ozark Season 4 and you are stuck with the question: who is Richard Thomas Ozark season 4? Here is everything we know so far. 

If you are confused to see Wendy’s father in Ozark Season 4, and he appears familiar to you, we have all of your questions answered in this article. 

Richard Thomas Ozark Season 4
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Who is Wendy’s father (Richard Thomas Ozark Season 4)?

The Ozark franchise has experienced a storm of changes since season 1. With several new characters diving in and tons of characters leaving the show, the fans have gone through a tide of ups and downs. 

While the main characters like Julia Garner, Laura Linney, and Jason Bateman have grabbed the limelight, one character that has attracted the fans is Wendy’s father. He is one of the most familiar faces of the industry – Richar Thomas. 

Richard Thomas shows up in Ozark Season 4 as Nathan Davis, father of Wendy and Ben. So, who is this Richard Thomas and why is there so much hype around his man? 

Richard Thomas Ozark Season 4
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Who is Richard Thomas Ozark Season 4? 

Richard Thomas plays the role of Wendy and Ben’s father, Nathan Davis in Ozark Season 4. He is a prolific actor who is famous for some of his insane works both on TV and in the film industry. 

Richard Thomas Ozark Season 4
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Richard Thomas first grabbed the limelight with his super-duper performance as an aspiring writer in CBS Network’s popular show, The Waltons. He also played a key role as Bill Denborough in Stephen King’s It in 1990. 

So, Richard Thomas is back again to rock the screens and drag his fans into a world of nostalgia with his insane performance in Ozark Season 4. 

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