Who Is Buster Welch In Yellowstone? Meet The New Characters

People, you can count on us again. We’ve got this covered. Everyone knows Paramount’s Yellowstone hit smashing series is the talk of the town for the apparent reasons—Wondering why the social media sphere is going gaga about this fantastic series—Keep reading!

Yellowstone has shown several mysterious characters in recent times. One of those is Buster. So, who is Buster in Yellowstone? Read on to know. 

The Yellowstone series has garnered quite a crazy fan base among those who understand ranch life and those who have never heard or experienced it in their lives ever. 

Since it first started airing in 2018, this increasingly popular series has given loyal, loving fans a glimpse into the ranching world and the challenges the industry has been facing in the 21st century!

A glimpse of how it started!! 

Everyone knows how in the Season 3 finale of the Yellowstone series, Jefferson White attempts to ride a rodeo horse despite his last attempt resulting in a life-threatening injury. 

Remember how his horse bucks and sends him flying onto the ground, where he’s lying unconscious on the land—Even you, like us, thought that Jimmy’s tenure might be over on the show for good?

Aah, again, Season 4 gave us a shock that anyhow he survived the fall. His return to the rodeo now was in direct defiance of the boss’s wishes and, oh yes, Kevin Costner, too. With his second injury already, he’s welcomed at “The Dutton Ranch.” 

(FYI, yes, he had previously worked as a ranch hand, too)

But, who is Buster Welch? Let’s meet him

In Season 4, Jimmy is now living at 6666 Ranch in Texas to train as a cowboy. Boom, soon after he arrives at the 6666 Ranch, he meets an elderly horse trainer that the resident foreman tells him is Buster Welch—Yes, in reality, he’s an important figure in the Texas horse-riding scene.

who is Buster Welch
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Buster Welch was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 2004. He’s well specialized in horse cutting. It’s a sport where the competitors show their ability to herd cattle on horseback—Isn’t it amazing? 

Also, Mr. Welch has won first place in the National Horse Cutting Association World Championships Futurity Competitions four times in total. 

Who is Buster Welch? He’s a God in Texas 

Buster Welch owned the Howard Ranch, King Ranch, and Proctor Ranch. He’s the legendary cameo exposed. Following the yellow stone cameo, the 6666 Ranch Foreman also tells Jimmy that there are only three gods in Texas. 


The Almighty himself, Buster Welch, and George Strait. Aah, it looks like over the 94 years old actor has gained a lot of popularity?

Is Mr. Buster Welch your favorite too?

So, we are very sure our lovely viewers now know who is Buster Welch. Did you know he also trained Mr. San Peppy and won the NCHA World Championship in 1974 and 1976? Stay tuned for more such updates!


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