Who Is Black Knight In Eternals? Know The Truth About Mr. Whitman Marvel In MCU!!

Marvel Eternals has added tons of superheroes and villains to the MCU. The movie has picked some of the iconic ancient heroes to re-introduce in the MCU. So, with the wrap-up of the Eternals, it’s pretty clear that the fan-favorite character, Black Knight, is ready to step into the MCU. 

Who Is Black Knight
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So, who is Black Knight? Though the character of Black Knight may be known to most Marvel comics fans, it is a new addition for cinema lovers. So, in this article, we will explore more about Black Knight aka Mr. Whitman

Who Is Black Knight In Eternals?

The Black Knight is one of the most impactful characters in the Marvel Universe. Introduced in the 60s, the Black Knight has turned out to be one of the longest-running characters. The character of Black Knight carries a blend of mysteries hailing from the time of King Arthur. 

While most Marvel comics fans were waiting for the introduction of Black Knight’s character in MCU, ultimately the official picked it and introduced it in the latest movie, Eternals. Kit Harington debuted with his role, Dane Whitman is ready to debut as Black Knight in Eternals. 

But, if you are still wondering who is Mr. Whitman or who is Black Knight Eternals, let’s see more about the character’s origin. 

Who Is Mr. Whitman?

Mr. Whitman is one of the most popular Marvel characters who was initially introduced as a professor at the London’s Natural History Museum. However, as the story proceeds and we reach 2023, Whitman steps into a romantic relationship with Sersi. But later, the plot revealed that Sersi was actually a part of the Eternals. 

However, as the story went forward and Mr. Whitman learned about the impending emergence, Sersi was the one who compelled him to investigate his family history. However, after Sersi’s abduction from the world by Arishem the Judge, Whitman got his hands on the Ebony Blade. 

When it comes to the official Marvel comics, Dane Whitman is introduced as the new descendant in a long line of warriors who possesses the powerful Ebony Blade and carries the title of “Black Knight”. 

Dane Whitman aka Black Knight carries forward the legacy of Sir Percy of Scandia, his ancestors. He has emerged out to be a hero becoming a valuable part of most of the superhero teams on earth including Heroes of Hire, Ultraforce, Avengers, Defenders, and more. 

So, by now, you must have got your answer for who is Dane in Eternals? 

Who Is Black Knight Eternals? Know The Origin Of Black Knight Eternals

Dane Whitman is introduced simply as an incarnation of the original Black Knight. While the original, Black Knight is one of the most ancient characters in the Marvel Universe. It is even more predatory than the oldest MCU characters like Spiderman or the Avengers. 

Dam Whitman will be bringing forward the legacy of his ancestor, Sir Percy of Scandia, an actual Knight hailing from Camelot who fought Mordred the Evil after the demise of King Arthur. 

While there was tons of confusion revolving around the character of Black Knight, Dane Whitman was not the second character to pick up this role. Actually, Nathan Garrett became the second Black Knight to carry the legacy ignited by Sir Percy of Scandia. However, Black Knight ultimately turned out to be a major villain in the MCU. 

Nathan carried the identity of Black Knight and fought with the Avengers. However, in the end, he passed the sword to Dane Whitman, his nephew. But, there have been more characters too, who took the role of the Black Knight before Dane Whitman.

However, the one who became immensely popular as Black Knight is Dane Whitman. 

Who Is Black Knight
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Black Knight – Comic Powers 

In the comics, Dane Whitman is introduced as a common man. However, being a professor, he possessed incredible mental abilities. As he became the Black Knight, he picked his weapon of choice as the Ebony Blade. The Ebony Blade is one of the indestructible swords that can cut through anything and everything with its mystic abilities. 

However, though the Ebony Blade instills insane powers to the bearer, the long-term use of the sword can be dangerous as it makes the user go mad. The Ebony Blade craves for blood. It has an insatiable appetite which may turn the user into a serial killer. 

Mr. Whitman’s Black Knight is popular for using many other mysterious weapons such as the Sword of Light and the Shield of Night, which was gifted to him by the Lady of the Lake. 

Is The Black Knight A Villain?

Black Knight was initially introduced as a villainous character and all the credit goes to Dane Whitman’s uncle, Nathan Garrett. However, when Dane picked the role of the Black Knight, he decided to walk on the roads of heroism. 

Though the Avengers initially quoted him as a foe, Black Knight won the trust of the heroes, by infiltrating the deadly Master of Evil. He managed to save the Avengers from life-threatening combat with Kang the Conqueror and Grandmaster. 

Supporting the team of Avengers and fighting with tons of villains, the Black Knight turned out to be a promising member of the Avengers. He also played a crucial role in Avengers: Under Siege. The comics emphasized his characters and even temporarily gifted him the crown of the team’s leader. 

Dane Whitman AKA the Black Knight was also introduced as a member of another Marvel team, MI:13 in the comics. MI:13 is one of the secretive Marvel squads that was formed in response to the Skrull Invasion of Earth. 

While MCU has not yet used the character of Black Knight to its full potential, in the upcoming ventures Dane Whitman may get the screen time he deserves. 

Kit Harrington As the Black Knight

Kit Harrington has already stunned the fans with his debut in MCU as Mr. Dane Whitman Aka the Black Knight. But what’s the future of the Black Knight? Will MCU turn him into one of the major characters or will they work as per the comics? Because in the comics, though the Black Knight has been one of the valuable members of the Avengers, the character has not received some insane popularity as others like Ironman or Captain America. 

Kit Harrington portrays the character of Black Knight in Eternals. The actor is best known for her insane performance in the Games of Thrones. In Eternals, the story crafts the love relationship between Dane and Sersi and it is something super entertaining for the fans. However, now that you know who is Black Knight, the main question that still remains is how the Marvel creators will use the character?

Future Of Black Knight & Blade In MCU 

Who Is Black Knight
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What will be the role of Blade in Black Knight’s life? If you consider the Marvel comics, there is already a connection between the two characters through the MI:13 squad. So, this could be Marvel’s next move of introducing a new team in the MCU. 

Moreover, Blade has mastery over swords. While Dane has newly grabbed the Ebony Blade. So, Blade could play the role of a mentor to Dane Whitman aka Black Knight. Therefore, let’s wait to see if Marvel introduces the character of Black Knight again in the Blade reboot. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Is Black Knight A Villain In Eternals?

Ans – Dane Whitman’s Black Knight is not a villain in the Eternals. However, his uncle, Nathan who initially picked up the role of Black Knight turned out to be a villain who fought the Avengers. 

Q2) How Is Black Knight Connected To The Eternals?

Ans – Black Knight aka Mr. Whitman falls in love with Sersi, a member of the Eternals. 

Q3) Who Is Black Knight In Eternals?

Ans – Kit Harrington plays the role of the Black Knight AKA Mr. Whitman in Eternal.

Q4) Who Spoke To Black Knight At The End Of The Eternals?

Ans – Mahershala Ali spoke to Black Knight at the climax scenes of the Eternals. 

Q5) Who Is Villain In Eternals?

Ans – Arishem is the main antagonist in Eternals. 


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