Rapper Jaydayoungan Death Shook Social Media! Why Was He Killed? 

There is a piece of sad news for JayDaYoungan fans out there. Several sources have verified the death of Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan to have taken place on Wednesday. He was shot dead outside his residence in Bogalusa. He was just 24. His actual name was Javorius Scott.

The news of JayDaYoungan death has turned social media and the emotions of his fans upside down. So, what’s the reason for JayDaYoungan death, and who killed him? Here is all we know… 

The Details Of JayDaYoungan Death

 Jaydayoungan Death
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According to the Bogalusa police department, JayDaYoungan was shot at approximately 5:50 p.m. Central Time and was rushed to the emergency room at Our Lady of the Angels Hospital. As a result of his injuries, he passed away.

We are profoundly heartbroken to hear the devastating news that JayDaYoungan has tragically died, as a statement by Atlantic Records said in an interview. 

Fans are deeply saddened to hear the news of JayDaYoungan death. He was a tremendously gifted artist who still had his whole life ahead of him and had been taken from us for no good reason.

JayDaYoungan had a family that included him as a father, a son, and a sibling. Our sincerest condolences to his family and those who cared about and loved him.

In 2017, JayDaYoungan released the mixtape Ruffwayy. This helped him achieve regional recognition. 

Later that same year, he released The Real Jumpman 23. This was another successful project.

The musician’s first studio album was titled 23 Island. It was issued by Atlantic Records in 2020. At the beginning of 2022, he issued two extended plays (EPs), titled Scarred and All Is Well.

Kenyatta Scott Sr. was also shot and is currently in stable condition, according to a statement released by the Bogalusa Police Department. The statement describes him as a close family member.

Some Updates Regarding It

 Jaydayoungan Death
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An update posted on the Facebook page of the Bogalusa Police Department around 8:30 p.m. Central Time on Wednesday described the situation at the hospital as chaotic. 

In addition to the shooting of Scott on Superior Avenue, officers are investigating shots fired at a vehicle on Marshall Richardson Road that is “possibly related to the first shooting.”

 Jaydayoungan Death
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Neither the cause nor the motive for the shooting has been determined.

According to Major Wendell O’Berry, who spoke with EW, this is the only piece of information that the police have now. He indicated that any updates would be posted on the group’s Facebook page.

Kenya Janell’s Instagram stories were packed with candid photographs and videos of her brother on Thursday, revealing the shock and sadness she felt over her brother’s passing.

The Concluding Notes

JayDaYoungan fans can’t believe the fact that he is no more. He was killed in a shooting outside his residence. 

The reason for the killing is yet to be known. Police and the crime branch are investigating the matter. We hope the young soul that departed away soon gets justice.

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