Who Gets Married In Love is Blind Season 3? 

Netflix is presently heating Season 3 of Love Is Blind. In October, the Nick and Vanessa Lachey-hosted program returned for a new season and introduced us to 30 fresh participants. 

Five of these 30 singletons got married in the pods, and they will test out their marriages in the real world for the next three months. So, who gets married in Love is Blind season 3? Here is all we know!! 

Love Is Blind Season 3 Is Here!! 

Who Gets Married In Love Is Blind Season 3

This season’s episodes have been released in two batches; the first three were made available on October 19, and the second was released on October 26.

Fortunately, that isn’t the end of the series; the last episode, which airs on November 9, will reveal who gets married in Love is Blind season 3. 

Fans are already guessing about the current couples and whether they will survive the experiment by scouring their social media accounts and looking for cues from the moments we have already filmed. 

Who Gets Married In Love Is Blind Season 3?

Brennon and Alexa

Who Gets Married In Love Is Blind Season 3
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In episode one of season three of Love Is Blind, Alexa and Brennon proclaim their love for one another, becoming one of the show’s first couples to get engaged.

Alexa and Brennon have had relatively trouble-free experiences during the trial, in contrast to some other couples who appear to be going through some minor turmoil. 

Although it is unknown if they are still together, their Instagram accounts indicate they are. Both have shared many romantic photos from their time on the program. There is yet to reveal if they got married in Love is Blind season 3

Colleen and Matt

Who Gets Married In Love Is Blind Season 3

During Love Is Blind season three, Matt, a 28-year-old private charter sales executive, and Colleen, a 26-year-old ballet dancer, were among the final couples to get engaged. 

Through the first four episodes, everything was going well for them, but when the teams all joined together and Colleen started hanging out with Cole, things took a turn. 

The two later embrace and kiss each other again, but in later episodes, Matt and Colleen argue about whether they are genuinely in love and push the other to declare their commitment to marriage.

It’s unclear whether they’re genuinely dating until we watch the last episode, as there is confusion about the couples who gets married in Love is Blind season 3.

Zanab and Cole

Who Gets Married In Love Is Blind Season 3
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In episode 2 of Love Is Blind season 3, realtor Cole proposed to flight attendant Zanab after the 26-year-old acknowledged that he was growing in love with his engagement. 

These two have yet to fare well. Both have admitted having trouble identifying the physical person in front of them as the person they spoke to in the pods.

Additionally, Cole mentioned that after meeting Colleen in episode 4, he thinks she is attractive. 

Cole hasn’t shared anything from the show, but Zanab has posted one of her “favorite moments” on her Instagram. Could this be an indication that they’re no longer dating? To be specific, we’ll have to wait till the verdict!

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