Who Do Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker Play In The Last Of Us?

Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker are added to the cast of The Last of Us. But which characters will they play? Here is everything we know about their roles. 

Sneak Peek Ashley and Baker Roles in The Last of Us

Ashley Johnson
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The Last of Us will soon be adapted for television by HBO Max, featuring two well-known actors: Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker.  

They have done notable roles in voicing Ellie and Joel in Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us games. The actresses, on the other hand, are not returning to their previous positions. Thus, it’s unknown who Johnson and Baker will portray.

About The Last of Us

Ashley Johnson
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In a post-apocalyptic America called The Infected, where a mutant Cordyceps fungus has turned humans into vicious zombies, The Last of Us is an action-adventure game set in 2013. 

While traveling across the country with Ellie Williams, a teenage girl who may hold the key to the fungus’ cure, Joel Miller is a smuggler tasked with keeping her safe. HBO Max’s The Last of Us adaptation is the network’s first video game adaptation, and it was written and directed by Neil Druckmann (writer/director of The Last of Us video game series).

Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker revealed their involvement in HBO’s The Last of Us series with Neil Druckmann at the recent Summer Games Fest. 

They will be full-fledged characters in the show, rather than simple cameos, and their roles in the post-apocalyptic TV drama are currently unknown. The following are the roles in HBO’s The Last of Us, played by Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker.

What is Ashley Johnson’s role in The Last of Us? 

Ashley Johnson
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If Ashley Johnson plays a video game character in The Last of Us TV adaptation (played by Gabriel Luna), she may be Maria, Joel’s younger brother Tommy’s wife. 

Johnson, who is older than Ellie, would make a suitable Maria. Johnson’s superb live-action acting talent would be necessary, even if Maria is a supporting role. 

Ashley Johnson could also be playing an entirely new character, which would be fascinating. Johnson may be playing a new character for The Last of Us video game.

Who will Troy Baker play in HBO’s, The Last of Us? 

Ashley Johnson
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In The Last of Us, Troy Baker may portray David as the cruel head of a cannibal clan. On the side of David, Baker would make for an intriguing adversary. Nolan North, who previously portrayed Nathan Drake in Naughty Dog’s previous blockbuster series, Uncharted, would be a superb meta-Naughty Dog casting move for the game. 

Baker, like Johnson, may be portraying a different character, but as a villain, he would be interesting to watch.

Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker’s additions to HBO’s The Last Of Us are good signs. It’s great that the movie’s original characters are involved, having the franchise’s two biggest stars appear in the program is even better and serves as another tribute to the source material. 

Johnson and Baker are sure to be an excellent addition to the live-action The Last Of Us series, regardless of what roles they end up playing. Johnson and Baker are sure to be a terrific addition to the live-action The Last Of Us series no matter what parts they portray, even if they aren’t revisiting their iconic characters of Joel and Ellie.

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