Who dies in The White Lotus Season 2?

A new murder mystery kicked off The White Lotus’ second season. The premiere of the Emmy-winning drama began with a cliche as hotel visitor Daphne (Meghann Fahy) found a dead body drifting off the coast. 

However, the show has returned with a primarily new cast in a magnificent Sicilian hotel. This tragedy gives another opportunity for fans to spend the seven-episode season speculating which hotel visitor is responsible for the PR issue for the imaginary hotel business. Anyway. 

Let’s try to figure out what’s going on. We cannot guarantee that any of these predictions will be accurate, but we can ensure that there is some wall writing. So, who dies in the White Lotus season 2?

Who Dies In The White Lotus Season 2? 

Cameron Babcock

Who Dies In The White Lotus Season 2
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The top rank on our list is still held by Daphne’s husband, Cameron, partly because it will be intriguing to watch if Shane from season 1, this season’s douchebag guest, becomes the victim. The balance of the night’s fee is still owed to Lucia. 

Of course, Cameron is attempting to avoid paying it because he has, so far this season, nearly completely alienated Harper, our audience substitute. Many people might want him to leave.

Isabella (Eleonora Romandini)

Another idea that I hope doesn’t come to pass since another hotel employee dying would be incredibly upsetting, but if the program takes a drastic turn and makes the manager the murderer, Valentina’s crush on her subordinate puts Isabella at some risk. 

One of the season’s subplots investigating sexual power dynamics involves the couple. To avoid Isabella, Valentina even moved her competitor Rocco from the front desk to the beach. Isabella is the only employee whose name we are aware of who isn’t referenced or shown in the first episode of the season. 

She is the most likely hotel employee to end up in the water, so let’s pray nothing terrible happens to her.

Tanya murders Quentin or Greg

Who Dies In The White Lotus Season 2
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Tanya is the one who will carry out the murder, according to the opposing theory. We see a gun at the end of episode six, so we assume the firearm will be mentioned in the episode that airs the following week. 

So, who dies in the White Lotus season 2? Once she learns about Greg and Quentin’s purported scheme, could Tanya turn around and shoot either one or both of them?

Ethan murders Cameron

Who Dies In The White Lotus Season 2
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Throughout the series, there has been a steady increase in the tension between Ethan (Will Sharpe) and Cameron (Theo James). They began with their discussions about their undergraduate experiences and Cameron’s persistent taunting of Ethan. 

Following that, Cameron insisted that Ethan invest his money with him, and most recently, Ethan began to suspect that Harper and Cameron were having a relationship (Aubrey Plaza). 

It wouldn’t be a complete shock if the tension culminated in a bloody brawl in which Ethan killed Cameron out of rage.

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